Breckin Meyer was my BFF.

So I mentioned a couple days ago (okay not a couple, Wednesday, but a couple sounded better…moving on) I mentioned that Breckin Meyer and I became BFFs. And from that small snippet of reference several of you have commented (and by several I mean two, but still that totally legitimizes this random post) and asked about this story. So in leu of today being Friday and me not having a ton to talk about (well I do have a pretty kick ass weekend planned but I may just save that post for Monday…moving on again) I figured this would be the perfect time to share one of my best celebrity run in stories, ever.

The year was 2001 and my mom had (actually still has) one of the coolest friends in the world. She somehow manages to get tickets to pre-screenings of movies and sometimes even premieres. Well this time around she just managed to finagle tickets to see the premiere of Kate and Leopold. Yes. I know. I didn’t say that the movies were good, but really, what did I care, I go to premieres to see celebrities…obviously. So my dad, me, and my movie partner in crime, Courtney show up at the premiere and get to stand right behind the interviewing people (more specifically some Australian network…this is important later, I swear). So basically we were in heaven. And finally, the stars start streaming in. I don’t remember them all but I know Bill Paxton was there, Scott Patterson of Gilmore Girls fame (who looks sooo much like Jason Lee in real life it’s crazy), Meg Ryan, Sting, Hugh Jackman and Breckin Meyer.

So I know this story is about me and Breckin but really it started with Hugh. Courtney and I were so excited when we realized we were behind the Australian station because that meant that Hugh would talk to them longer, he’s an Aussie, duh. So as he talked to them we made everyone around us shut up so we could listen. And once he was done talking I for some reason yelled “HI!” and he said “hi” back. And then there was silence. That’s about all I could get out. Shame I know. Because he actually looked like he would have had a conversation with me. Oh well. I was okay. And then there was Breckin. To be honest I didn’t even know his real name when I saw him, I just knew he was the cute skater boy from Clueless, haha (luckily Court is much better with names than I am). So Breckin steps up to be interviewed and after he’s done again I yell “HEY!” and he responds “Hi, how’s it going?”, ah, heaven, more than one word! So then that was that and we started heading towards the theater, and lo and behold who did we run into? Breckin! So me being the oh so cool person that I was walked up to him with Courtney and asked for his autograph. And oh man he was so nice! We chatted for a bit and made some small talk before we all had to rush to get into the theater.

So basically Breckin was awesome and I had just seen Hugh Jackman, I was on cloud nine. But it gets better. After actually getting to watch the movie from the verrrry front row of the theater and having a horrible watching experience we all started to head out. I had to run up to the bathroom and I purposely took my time as to be able to linger in the theater more and possibly have another star run-in (I know, I’m genius). So once I came down I saw this girl with a ridiculous shawl wrap thingy that I sort of kind of liked and not being one to hold back a compliment I told her I liked it. She said thanks and as I turned around I hit Sting. Yes that Sting. I said excuse me then saw him walk over to his daughter, wearing the crazy shawl, haha.

And as I’m walking away with Court and my dad, who do we see? Breckin, again! But we were walking in different directions this time and I got out a “Bye!” and I’m pretty positive he said “bye” back. It was sweet. And man how I wish I had a camera back then. I could have had some money shots. Oh well, I will live through my autograph book (oh yes I have one, that definitely highlights my best celebrity run ins ever, ah, presh).

So there you have it. Breckin Meyer is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met and we were BFFs for a total of three minutes, but it was awesome.

have a fabulous weekend all!