My brain is all sorts of jumbled mumbled bumbled today (whatever the hell that means). I’m exhausted and it’s all my fault. Last night I had a work party (which was awesome and delicious and fun) and then I came home and watched Gone Baby Gone with my mom (which turned out to be really good even though I predicted one of the big twists I still recommend it) and then I stayed up to watched a taped Top Model (which didn’t record the whole thing because of a stupid basketball game, but I saw all the best parts and found out today that my girl Claire is still in the game, woo) and then because I am just so obsessed with my book I stayed up and read as much as I could until my eyes hurt and I finally had to go to sleep (only 140 pages left!). Wow that was one ridiculously long sentence, you would never know I was an English minor, ha.

So in a nutshell, I am tired. But today there is lots of food involved, so of course this makes me happy. Today’s lunch involved fantastic Mexican leftovers from yesterdays work party and dinner is at some schnazzy Hollywood spot with some friends and Matt, woot.

In other news, Cris from the oh so fabulous Lipstick Bitches has awarded me an “Excellent Blogger” award, schweeeeet.

I would like to take this time to thank the mass amounts of candy I’ve consumed lately for giving me random bursts of useful posts, Keanu and Josh for always looking good and making me happy, Violet and Suri for supplying all the cuteness necessary to make a grown man say “aw”, Matt and my friends for giving me random stories to share and of course all the loyal freaders out there who basically rock my socks off, that is if I ever wore socks, but you get the point. :)

So now I get to nominate some more kick ass bloggers. And if I don’t nominate you know I still love ya, next time just bribe me with Snickers, haha.

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Congrats all and thanks again Cris. You all rock!

happy it’s almost friday but really it’s thursday!