The Hills are everywhere.

Welcome back ladies!

I so wish I had my computer with me last night so I could have live blogged the Hills, because really it was amazing. Basically it was extremely predictable and dramaful and so damn entertaining.

Several thoughts I had throughout the night:
Oh I like the “music box” on the screen, very useful, very marketerish.
How many times are they going to show the Eiffel tower?? I get it. They’re in Paris.
I bet a million dollars the shoe store is going to be closed….where’s my money?
10-1 says Lauren spills on her dress. Ooooh I was so close.
Why does Heidi actually look normal?
I want to go to Colorado, the snow is so pretty.
Shave Spencer shave!
Oh dear jeebus of reality TV the She-Spence is back and actually said something smart. In a word her brother’s a douchebag.
Why am I watching this? Oh that’s right. I love it.
Oh we’re in Paris I forgot, thanks for showing the Eiffel tower again.
Hey Audrina glad you could make the party, can I have your dress too, it’s yellow and it’s fabulous.
Oh hi Mariah. You watch the Hills? Weird.
French clubs look just like LA, weird.
Oh man I want Lauren’s new dress. Want. it. now.
Lauren why aren’t you kissing the French man? Seriously. Just a kiss? Come on.
Well that was an interesting episode. I was expecting more.
Ooooh the season preview. Justin Bobby?!? Brody’s gf??! Stephen?! Ah! Love. Okay. I regress, it looks awesomely bad.

Seriously, all of those thoughts went through my head last night. I just love the Hills and can’t stop watching or yelling at my screen whenever doucheness arrives. So sue me. And on top of watching the premiere last night I have had a Hills filled morning. Let me explain.

I’m in my car driving to work and flip on KIIS fm and hear Ryan Seacrest interviewing the blonde bimbos. Gah! (but of course I had to listen). And what do they say? Oh they’re not together at the moment (um what the crap were you doing on Sunday???), Spencer isn’t living at the condo, they’ve never had sex (Heidi’s apparently a virgin…ummmriiiight), and they break up and get back together all the time with no plans of marriage. Okay. Seriously. Gag me. And then I get to work and what’s on Heidi’s new single! Ah. (and of course I had to listen) And as predicted, it sucks. I just can’t wait to see the video for this one, haha.

And just to top it all off. Spencer’s freaking advice column (Really? Really? What advice can he possibly give?!?!) debuted on Radar online today. I may throw up a little, gah!

Okay well I hope I didn’t give away too much for all you Hills lovers and intrigued the batch of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, haha. Hope you have a most fabulous day!

happy tuesday!