Kids say the darnedest things.

When I was little I was pretty sure of several things, heck I was more than sure, I was positive. I was positive that my stuffed animals all had hearts and I could never give any of them away because it would make them sad. I knew that Barbies were the greatest toy ever invented and that I should always keep them clothed because they’d get cold. I was pretty assertive to the fact that Michael Jackson was my boyfriend. And if that didn’t work out, there was always Jordan Knight. I also knew that jeans were evil and bike shorts were the way to go. I was positive that Peter Pan was real but I would never see him because I didn’t have a bay window in my room. I also knew that I would grow up to be either a dolphin trainer at Sea World or an acclaimed actress who got to paint on the side. I was a pretty smart kid actually, haha.

I was so smart that no one had to remind me to say “please” or “thank you” or “Merry Christmas!” I did it all on my own. And the same went for Easter. As a child I was pretty adamant about my Easter greeting, it was “Happy Easter Bunny!!!” all around. For me there was no “Happy Easter” it was only “Happy Easter Bunny”, haha. Now don’t ask me how this started because I really have no idea, but my whole family could easily vouch for the fact that that it is all I would say. And to this day, it’s about all that gets said to me, haha. So with that, I hope you all have a most fabulous weekend and remember….

Happy Easter Bunny!
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