Would you rock it?

So People.com always has this segment of voting of “would you wear this trend?” or check out the latest outfits famous people are wearing, woo. Of course I always vote and give my two cents because I just love checking out some things that are crazy but somehow look good or things that are crazy and should have been left at home. Anyhoo, so today I’m asking you all my lovely freaders…would you rock the following?:

Isla Fisher

the Hilton hos

Lauren Conrad

Lo from The Hills

Lo again

Mischa Barton

America Ferrera

Charlize Theron

Okay so after perusing the internet and only coming up with these outfits I realize that the major trend offenders are Lindsay Lohan and Mischa, and everyone else’s outfits aren’t all that outrageous or crazy. So umm. What’s your fave one? Or what’s the worst outfit you’ve seen out there this week? I love making fun of those :)

Anyhoo, hope you all are having a lovely day…only two days til the weekend, woo!

happy wednesday!