Why are you looking for that???

I love Google Analytics, it truly is a great source of entertainment. I love seeing how people have made their way to my blog and what crazy ass things people are searching. So since it’s been a while since I’ve shared any of these gems I present you with some of the best:

how to patch crotch hole in pants – well I really wish I could help you out there, but seeing as to how I have three pairs of pants with holes in them and no patches, I can’t really offer much insight.

i was hanging out at the airport reading “wicked” – really? What airport? did you finish “Wicked”?

Jordan Knight, in person – oh yes. Probably my most favorite search term since it really happened. Ah. Heaven.

90s neon scrunchies – gotta love those.

can you eat moldy pita – well seeing as to how I survived after my moldy pita incident, I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay too.

does michelle damon have breast implants? – well one, who is Michelle Damon? And why are you asking about her boobs?

embarrassing black light stories – ah, glad I’m not the only one who’s had a black light mishap. Moral of the story kids, always wear clean clothes when you’re going somewhere with black light, haha.

famous girls called katelin – wow. I’m famous :)

i don’t know how to love him interpretive dance – Um. Yeah. Why are you looking for that?

pacey whitter flip flops – oooooh. Did you find these? My birthday is next month! :)

anyhoo, back to work, woo!

happy tuesday!