Facebook: The New Match.com

So I was cleaning out my Facebook inbox and I came across this gem I got while still in college:

[after receiving a random friend request from a guy I had never met who didn’t go to my school]

Me: do I know you?

Guy I do not know who’s Facebook picture is of him in a Borat-like swimsuit: I went to some random party at your school last year. I know [random basketball player I had never talked to before] if you know who he is. I talked to you for awhile and i was quite drunk and i’m thinkin you were too. Assuming you are the girl, after talking to you for awhile i forgot your name and you told, “My name i’m really really fucking hot and you wanna get on me.” and i said, “no thats not your name.” I asked [random basketball guy] to find out who the girl was. he came up with you, it may not be you. But if it was, well hello!

…yeaaaaaaa that definitely was NOT me buddy [and I did write him back to let him know this, haha]. But I definitely got a good kick out of this message though that’s for sure. Because one, I have no idea how his basketball friend came up with my name when I had never talked to him and two, I am much more creative. I would have come up with something like “my name is pestario-cassaro-mossido-h

ernandes, pestario for short, pest for shorter….phooo!.” [feel free to name that ridiculous movie, haha].

Anyhoo, that’s about all I got today. Busy, busy at work today and cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow, hark!

[that’s my “I’m so excited it’s the weekend” face]

*oh and don’t forget to enter the Oscar contest…woo Oscar’s*

happy weekend all! :)

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