Le 100. Tres.

So I’ve been doing this list in intervals [part one, part deux] as I randomly think of them, so here goes my attempt at adding just a little bit more…

71. I didn’t get my license until I was 20 (thank you dear friends who drove me around, I am forever grateful, haha).

72. I don’t like driving (I still prefer to be a passenger)

73. I overuse the phrase “haha” waaaay too much (seriously, ask anyone I talk to online. Or heck check out past posts, it’s a little ridiculous).

74. I said “hi” to Hugh Jackman once, and he said “hi” back (swoon).

75. My eyes are hazel green (and when I get mad or cry, they get even greener).

76. I once started a 10 page paper at 11 o’ clock the night before it was due (and I got an A on it…how? I have no idea).

77. Dane Cook told me I was very polite (I told him he wasn’t as tall as I imagined).

78. Raphael was my favorite Ninja Turtle (surprisingly not Michaelangelo).

79. When I was little I would tell people Michael Jackson was my boyfriend (I was so serious, that’s the sad part).

80. I’ve never been in a physical fight (not counting the time a boy slapped me in third grade, so uncalled for).

81. I think Nyquil tastes good (it’s just so fruity).

82. All of my favorite cereals are super healthy ones (Grape Nuts, Smart Start, Wheat Chex…yummmmm).

83. I went skinny dipping on Spring Break sophomore year of college (and I don’t think I’ll ever be doing it again, haha).

84. I’ve never bonged a beer (and I’m quite alright with that).

85. The only sports teams I actually care about are the Dodgers and USC football (Go Blue! Fight on!).

86. The fastest I ever ran a mile was in 14 minutes (clearly I am not a runner).

Well that’s about all I got for now…maybe in two more months I’ll finally finish this list, haha….who knows?

happy tuesday!