My thoughts through interpretative dance.

Okay really, how is it already Monday afternoon? Ah! Well not “ah!” more like ooooh? Also known as yes! Only a couple more hours left in the work day until I can head out to dinner and have some fabulous Mexican food (sweet!).

Anyhoo, moving on. I have some thoughts I’d like to share through the interpretative dance…and by interpretative dance I of course mean bullet points, so enjoy:

  • Since when did little kid’s basketball turn into such a contact sport?! I went to my twelve year old brother’s game on Saturday and wow. There was face slaps, kids diving on the floor and a couple other injuries…it was like I was watching football instead, crazy.
  • I’m almost 24. I need to remind myself this when I attempt to drink like I did when I was 22. Apparently I can no longer drink, do a shot and stay awake past 1 all in the same night. Saturday night I went out with Matt and a bunch of friends, it was great. I ordered the madris (even got a free one in there) and had a shot to end the night and apparently that’s what it did. Because by the time we got home I passed out. Matt told me the next morning that apparently I woke up when he did at 3 talked to him and he left the room for a second and before he came back I was back asleep, haha. And I slept basically all day yesterday. Oh well, ce la vie.
  • Josh Kelley’s CD is fantastic! I finally got it on Saturday and have been listening to it non-stop. Ah. Magic. Love this man and his music. He has some of the best songs and lyrics ever. I mean really what woman wouldn’t want to hear “If you want to be loved, I got it. And if you want to make love, I can do that too. And if you want to be touched in the right right way, flip on the lights so I can see my masterpiece tonight” or “I’m just ripples in your ocean, you’re my tidal wave.” [insert swoooooon]. Seriously. Love. So stop what you’re doing and go buy it now! You won’t regret it. Or just listen to some of the songs on his Myspace. Either way, you’ll thank me for it later :)
  • I think this is hilarious:

    And I’m almost tempted to get it for Matt….almost, haha.
  • So the Grammy’s were on last night. I watched parts of it in between commercials of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and John and Kate Plus 8. I have more to say about both of those shows over the Grammy’s. Every time I flipped to the Grammy’s it was another lackluster performance, I was not impressed. But thank goodness oh goodness the Oscar’s (by far my favorite awards show of the year) is coming in two weeks! eeeee! As for EMHE, oh man. I was a teary mess last night. It was a single dad of four kids who lost a leg in Iraq. Oh yeah, that did it right there. Any time anyone shed a tear, I shed a couple more. But man I love that show. And as for JKP8. Wow. That show is one of the best forms of birth control I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how my grandma managed seven kids all about a year apart, whereas this couple has twin 7 year olds and 3 year old sextuplets. Oh man. No siree, I could not do that. But the show was still fun to watch and man their kids are cute.

Well those are my thoughts of the day and I’m stickin to em. And how’s your Monday going?