Million Dollar M&Ms.

There we sat, hanging out after school both holding onto our unopened package of M&Ms discussing our future. We knew we were going to the win the million dollars, we just had to figure out what to do with it before we won. We wanted to be ready. We sifted through several options before we settled on the best plan ever. We would use our million dollar winnings to buy each of us a VW Beatle and use the leftover money to pay for our insurance. It was genius. Although neither of us had our license we still wanted the cars and that was it, nothing could change our minds, we were going to win the million and get the cars.

And then. The moment of truth. We sloooooowly opened the M&Ms anticipating confetti falling from the sky and a ticker tape parade in our honor. We made sure not to rip the bag open but slowly unfold the edges. However, our hopes of being millionaires quickly dissipated as the words “You are not a winner, try again next time” appeared in front of us. Needless to say, we were a little disappointed we weren’t instant millionaires and unceremoniously ate our M&Ms.

Well thirteen years later we still aren’t driving VW Beatles or sharing a million dollars courtesy of M&M but we are still best friends with hopes that it might happen…one day…

Happy Birthday Megan!