To love or dislike, that is the question.

Love: No one died on Grey’s last night.
Very strongly dislike: The freaking Writer’s Strike for making it the last episode until whenever. And Shonda for writing Joshua Jackson’s character out of the episode and crushing my dreams and hopes of him returning to television. Gah.

Love: Jen called me before Grey’s even started so I knew Josh wouldn’t be on it.
Very strongly dislike: Joshua Jackson wasn’t on Greys’s. I’m still devastated.

Love: I saw a sneak preview of a new movie last night at the Fox Studio lot.
Strongly dislike: It took me an hour and a half to get home, damn traffic.

Love: My little Elantra.
Very strongly dislike: Big cars and fancy schmancy cars that try and muscle me off the road. Just because you’re bigger or cost more doesn’t mean you can cut me off!

Love: My coworkers hanging out in my office area this morning, they’re some funny people.
Strongly dislike: That they’re all hanging out because we have a rat problem! Ew. Ack. Gag. Splinter go away!

Love: Singing and dancing to Britney on the way to work today.
Dislike: Britney is a crazy b*tch.

Love: Going to CityWalk with Matt tonight! Eeee.
Dislike: Ten hours to go.

Love love love: It’s almost the weekend! Happy weekend!

**pps. apparently it’s national delurking week…so delurk away…tell me what you love love love or so very strongly dislike ***