"Say what you need to say…."

Two posts in one day?! I know. Crazy. I rarely do that anymore. However, I can’t stop listening to this song/watching the video. What song you ask? John Mayer’s newest song “Say.” I swear this man must have a pact with the devil, because he just doesn’t make bad songs. They are all either good or amazing. To me this song falls under the amazing category because its so sweet and simple and just dang good. Anyhoo, back to the song….I posted about it a while back when Perez put the link up, but now it’s available on Itunes and the video is on his site and YouTube and really, it’s fantastic. I think I’ve listened to it about ten times already. Good thing I’m actually wearing headphones today or I think my coworkers would kill me…or just shoot Nerf darts at me (yes we have a Nerf gun in the office, awesome I know).

Okay well to the point…here’s the video…watch it…love it…rinse…repeat….

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