I jinxed myself.

I think I may be the only person who can manage to get lost even with a GPS, haha. I think my last post basically just jinxed me. I was so excited to get the GPS that I forgot the simple step of actually listening to it, haha. So long story sort of short…

On Thursday I went down to Torrance to visit Miss Bex. I looked up the Google map version of where I was going just to have and also used the GPS. Well the directions I got from Google and my little GPS guy were a tad bit different. Mr. GPS ( I haven’t thought of a good name yet, any suggestions?) told me to take about three different freeways and Google said I could take two. So of course I took Google’s advice. So basically I got there fine and in about an hour. Sweet. Went to lunch, hung out, caught up, it was fabulous. Then it was time to leave. And this is where my retardation kicked in. I decided I’d listen to Mr. GPS this time and see how it went. So he got me to the freeway and I was going and going and he kept telling me to go on other freeways, but I was in the set mine that I’d only have to take two and eventually hit the main one I needed. However I didn’t notice that I was going in the complete wrong direction for that to happen. Mr. GPS had me going north whereas if I was going to follow Google I needed to go south. So basically it got to the point where the GPS was like “exit freeway” when really it should have said “you dumbass get off the freeway and listen to me, I am god.” So I finally made it home, about two and a half hours later, haha. Ya I was mildly embarrassed. But not too embarrassed to keep sharing the story….ah good times.

Other than that small tidbit of my life not a ton happened the past week. I played the Sims 2 a lot (another embarrassing thing to admit, clearly I have no shame), slept in as much as possible, tried to see as many friends as I could, did some shopping, got a new watch for Christmas, watched a lot of Scrubs, rode in an Army jeep with my dad and his friends on New Year’s Eve, played Apples to Apples, hung out with Matt and ate a ton of food. It was a pretty dang good time I must say.

The gods of television have smiled upon me because somehow, some way Grey’s Anatomy is new next week…which means one thing: McPacey! (Okay I know the name is lame but I can’t think of anything better). Ah. Yes. Joshua Jackson will return to television and I can’t wait, eeee!

Anyhoo, I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. I promise I’ll be catching up on blogs soon (my reader has like 300 in it, wowza!). But for now it’s back to work I go.

Happy “woo it’s a three day work week” Wednesday!