Christmas is all around….

Well I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve talked about any celebs or Hollywood news, and you know what…it may just stay that way. There are just too many dang pregnant ladies and coked out singers that I just don’t really have much to say that Perez or Trent or Michael aren’t already saying. Except these two…aw….my favorite celebrity duo that can do no wrong in my eyes (and apparently Go Fug Yourself agrees)….


Okay I’m done.

So instead of writing about my usual Hollywoodness I thought I’d add another holiday themed blog in the mix since Christmas is only four days away (eee!) and I have all of next week off and don’t know how much I’ll actually be blogging in there. So I’m naming my top three Christmas movies (aka movies I usually watch to feel more Christmassie) Here goes….

#3 Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Well one, how can you not love a Disney movie? And two, it’s a Christmas Carol. That should say it all right there. I don’t know, maybe it’s the kid in me, but I love this movie.

#2 Home Alone. Because who honestly didn’t do the screaming face after this movie?

And #1…..Love Actually.
I mean really. How does this movie not give you goosebumps? It makes me laugh and tear up and basically feel all warm and fuzzy inside, haha. I love the songs, the stories, the people, gah I love it all….actually (haha, bad joke).

And what are your favorite holiday movies?

Happy Holidays!
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