I’m a lover with strong dislikes.

love: only 2.5 days of work left until vacation!
strongly dislike: I’ll have to do work next week while on vacation (ce la vie).

love: listening to the Nutcracker Suite and pretending to be in it (I’m a dreamer, what can I say)
strongly dislike: the only place I like to see the Nutcracker performed has maybe five performances this year and I can’t go to any of them.

love: cold weather that makes it seem like it really is December.
strongly dislike: the torrential downpour that’s been happening lately and making driving quite the difficult task (as if it wasn’t already).

love: all my TV shows are in reruns. Thus I can go out more, watch movies and all around have a life.
strongly dislike: all my shows are in reruns and people are losing jobs and money.

love: Christmas is next week!
strongly dislike: I still have a couple gifts to get and I don’t want to battle the crazy crowds.

love: friends that send me uplifting emails and internet hugs :)
strongly dislike: they’re too far away to give me real hugs.

love: watching movies in bed with Matt listening to the rain.
strongly dislike: we’re both still sickies.

love: it’s the holidays and I have lots to love and be thankful for.

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