I can’t seem to have a normal post.

Well I am all over the place again today…what a week this has been! And although my job has been crazy, I still love it. Especially for the following reasons….

_Yesterday one of my bosses got a masseuse to come in and give everyone 15 minute massages. Let’s just say…HEAVEN. It was amazing. And the knots in my back are magically gone.

_Today we get our Christmas bonus! Woot.

_This afternoon is our Secret Santa exchange. Last year someone got a blow up doll, another person got a dildo, I got Dodger tickets and our accountant got a giant calculator. I can’t wait to see what people get this year!

_Tonight is our infamous Holiday party. Last year there was an open bar, lots of food, and crazy times. The food was tasty, but the drinks were better, haha. Sadly I’m still a little under the weather and can’t take too much advantage of the drinks, but I’ll still have grand ole time with my coworkers and my date…aka le boyfriend. Wee!

Basically I’m super excited and still have a ton of work to do, ah! I’ll be back tomorrow with Holiday party stories and some TV roundup, woo! :)

I’m envisioning getting work done….soon
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