Fridays=short posts too.

So I don’t have much time to blog today since I’m in the middle of four different campaigns that all require my attention today. Just wanted to check in and say life is weird, life is busy and life is just all around crazy.

At least I have people all around me that I love and a fun weekend ahead in Morro Bay with Matt and our friends. Let’s just hope the rain doesn’t halt these plans. *fingers crossed*

Anyhoo, enough rambling. Have a fabulous weekend everyone! See ya Monday!

Oh and just so all this week’s post have some sort of Christmas in them, here’s a fave pic of Matt and I from le holidays last year, aren’t we cute? Haha.

pps. My coworker is seeing the Spice Girls tonight and I am so jealous! I will have to give you her review on Monday, cause man I wish I was there.

ppss. I tried to resist. And I realized my celeb/Hollywood posts have been lacking recently. So here’s Violet and Jen, in matching hats! ah! Cute! Haha :)