Santa is the man.

Well I was totally planning on scratching the Christmas themed post today to rant about how Heather got Cover Girl of the week again on Top Model even though she was kicked off last week (explain that to me please, gah!), however I have resorted to posting about much happier joyful things related to this lovely Holiday season.

So with that said I have decided to post about some of the best gifts from Santa. I know, kind of corny, but man I can’t help it (so deal!). Let me share a back story…when I was little, my sister and I would have to go to bed early on Christmas Eve and we both could never sleep. We’d be up all night anxious and giggling listening for Santa and anticipating the morning. Eventually we’d fall asleep and the next morning we’d run to our parents room and be told to go back to bed because it was only six and there was a no present policy before seven, haha. So we’d sit in our room, twiddle our fingers and anxiously await going to the front room to see what Santa had brought us. Eventually seven would hit and we’d dart to the front room to see our gifts from Santa with our name tags put in front of the proper gifts and pretty much squeal with happiness. Somehow Santa always knew what we wanted….

[also note I was a super girly girl as a kid, I mean I loved dolls/Barbies…all of it, and I mean all of it]

And with that said….One Christmas I asked for Magic Nursery Dolls. Anyone remember those? Oh man. I think I had them all, the preemie baby, the toddler, the triplets and one particular Christmas I wanted the one that was a surprise baby. It was a fake stomach carrier thingy (sorry that’s a bad description but I can’t find a dang picture, so just imagine something cutesy and fun carrier for doll babies) that kicked and everything and when you opened a baby was inside. Anyhoo, back to the story…so one Christmas I get the fake carrier thingy with a surprise baby in it and I dash over in excitement to open it up and see what baby I got and “OH MY GOSH MOM THERE ARE TWINS!” So if you weren’t a big doll person like I was, you may not understand the amazingness of twins. And not just twins, a boy and a girl twin. It was like a one in a bagillion chance of that happening. Needless to say I had a ginormous smile the whole dang day and made everyone see how cute my dolls were, haha.

Okay so after posting that I realize how lame that is. Haha. But really, as a child that was one of the happiest days ever. No one ever got twin dolls! Santa was pretty much the man in my book that year. He could do no wrong in my eyes. Heck I don’t think Santa ever did wrong. One year I got a bike and man I was out the door on that thing before I even got dressed, it was awesome. And then one time I asked for the Camping Barbie on Christmas Eve and had never even mentioned it before and somehow, the next morning waiting for me by the tree was Camping Barbie, wow. So clearly, I was a Santa believer for a loooong time because heck, he rocked.

And even now, with two younger brothers on the verge of non-believing I still get so into the Santa spirit that I still can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I get the jitters in my stomach as I anticipate the next morning. I definitely don’t get up at six anymore but that doesn’t mean my brothers don’t, haha.

So now that I’ve rambled off my embarrassing childhood obsession with twin dolls, any great Christmas (or Hanukkah) gift stories? And please tell me I’m not the only kid that was up at six on Christmas morning, haha.

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