Mondays =Short posts.

Ah weekends are glorious, they truly are. I spent mine hanging out, pretending to be in college again, drinking wine, Christmas shopping, watching football, playing Scene It and all around having a fabulous time. It was quite a nice weekend and I really wish it wasn’t over… I love weekends, I truly do.

And completely unrelated. Josh Kelley has released a new song on his Myspace called “Hey Katie” and I love it! Granted I’m pretty sure I’ll love any song that has any form of my name in it, but still. I like it one because it’s Josh Kelley, two because it has Katie in it, and three because although the Katie is not me it’s Katherine Heigl and that’s just as cute. Presh! So go, check it out and swoon in the cuteness.

And on another totally adorable note of life, my favorite Celebtot turned two this weekend, soooo….Happy Birthday VIOLET! Stay cute and say hi to your parents for me :)

Okay well time to get to some serious work, Happy Monday all! :)