Fridays need some randomness too.

by katelin on November 30, 2007

Well since all I did yesterday was post about random things I thought I’d just do it again because it’s Friday (woot!) and because all of my shows were repeats last night, haha.

Kellie Pickler takes stupidity to a whoooooole new level here:

I want her hat!….who am I kidding here? I just love Violet and will post pictures of her for any reason I can find, haha.

And simply because they are climbing the ranks in my favorite couple department and I loooooove his music and her show, here’s Katherine and Josh (ah! love them!) hangin out in Los Feliz…that’s minutes away from my work. Seriously people come over here so I can say hiiiii! Pleaaaase :)

And with that:

excuse the language :)

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