I love love love it. (or strongly dislike it)

So I’m stealing this mini post idea from Janet over at Love is Blonde because it’s just a simple way to get out some things you’re feeling….so here goes.

love: finding new blogs (making new blog friends) on Twenty Something Bloggers and other people’s blogrolls.
strongly dislike: not having enough time to enjoy reading all of them.

love: that I finally got prescription allergy meds from the doctor (holler).
very strongly dislike: the fact that my insurance is crap and I would have to pay125$ for one month of Allegra (WTF?!) and 30$ for Nasonex (which I can handle).

love: my cousin is finally out of Iraq.
strongly dislike: that he’ll still be in Germany and can’t really afford to come home just yet.

love: the cooler Fall like weather.
strongly dislike: the massive amount of fog that causes people to drive like idiots.

love: that extra hour of sleep I got last Saturday.
strongly dislike: that it’s pitch black by the time I leave work at 6:30, gah!

love: that Lisa kicked ass in Top Model last night.
strongly dislike: that I’m not cool enough to have DVR and missed the first half of the show, haha.

love: today’s Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday and it’s weekend time, wooot!

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