What I’ve been watching….

So I realize I have neglected to recap or give any inclination of my feelings/reactions to some of my favorite shows on television lately, so I will try and catch up now…

The Hills. Oh The Hills. There has been so much “news” about The Hills lately like say Gavin (Lauren’s model friend/date from last week) sharing his side of the show with Best Week Ever, all the editing errors (like LC’s change in nail polish and hair last week), and so many other random things I don’t even remember. However, besides all that fakeness I still love the show. I haven’t missed an episode yet. And I must say I liked last night’s episode for a few reasons. One. Heidi and Spencer were barely in it (Hallelujah!). Two. Whitney was in it a lot. Three. They actually focused on the girls’ job at Teen Vogue and we got to see some fashion and party planning at its best. Three. Lauren and Brody getting all snuggly wuggly (I think they’re cute together). Anyhoo…the show has kept me laughing/intrigued/and laughing some more, so of course I’ll keep watching.

And then there’s Heroes. Man I love this show. There is just so much going on though. I swear, if you miss one episode you will be completely lost. Luckily, I haven’t missed any episodes yet so I’m all in the know of Heroes. One thing that I love (and also find extremely funny) is that this show has incorporated so many countries/states and now languages. We’ve always had Japanese subtitles for Hiro and Ando, and now this season there is Spanish with Maya and Alejandro. And on top of it all, last night’s episode opened in the Ukraine with Russian (maybe?). Crazy pants!

Top Model. General thoughts. I think Ambreal is going home next. I’m glad Ebony left (she was annoying). I still don’t like Heather. I think Ty Ty may be pushing too many “causes” this season (going green, no smoking, autism, help the children). Lisa, Chantal and Saleisha are my top 3. Love it.

Okay I don’t really feel like going into all the shows I watch, since it’s a lot and I feel like all of them require about a paragraph to fully explain how it’s going. So just note so far I am pleased with all of my shows (including Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, Without a Trace, CSI: and SVU). And I can’t wait for them to take a break, haha.

And tonight I’m going to see Lars and the Real Girl. I’m quite interested to see how this movie pans out. I’ll have to let you know manana. Woot.

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