I do some strange things.

I realized just now, just this instant, just this second…okay I really don’t know where I’m going with that…but I realized that I do some of the weirdest things at work. If I was one of my coworkers, I may be slightly concerned (but only slightly). What kind of weird things you ask? Well…

For one, I listen to Showtunes at work. Who does that? I just caught myself listening to the Wicked soundtrack for the 138765 time and it was loud. Really Katelin? Really? And not only that, when I put my Ipod on shuffle there are endless possibilities of random music that can emerge from my little computer speakers. For example today I was listening to Kanye and the next song to come on was the Carebears theme song (why do I have that? I do not know, but no I’m not deleting it either) and then I skipped it (for obvious reasons) and the next song to come on, Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”…ummm No, not really work appropriate, maybe for the convenience of my car or headphones. But honestly, my music selection is so bizarre and everyone in my office is subject to it when they walk by or if I have it up too loud and don’t notice because I can’t wear headphones because I am still (until a replacement is hired) sitting at the front desk and answering phones. So until then I will try to hide my sudden urges to blare “Defying Gravity” my speakers and resort to the more office appropriate sounds of Josh Kelley, O.A.R. or any other rock/indie/rap that fits the office vibe for now.

Reason two I’d think I was slightly “weird”…I drink enough water to saturate a small yard. No joke. I am constantly going to the kitchen and refilling my water bottle. I can’t help it. I’m addicted to water. It’s delicious and refreshing and good for me. So maybe that’s not the weird part. Maybe it’s the fact that I have to pee like nine times a day. Now let’s say my coworkers don’t see me with my handy dandy bottle o H20 and only see me head to the bathroom on a frequent basis…that could raise some suspicion don’t you think? So let me get this out there, I have no eating disorder, bowel problems or anything else you may think people…I just drink waaaay too much water, simple as that, weirdness solved.

And the third reason, I’m clumsy. For some unexplainable reason I tend to trip over the most minuscule things and do a flay but somehow manage to catch myself kind of fall. I have yet to totally hit the ground, but man have I come close. I trip over the wires by my desk, I slip on the water people spill on the ground in the kitchen, I hit my head on our ridiculously large coffee maker (yes I did that today and I may even have a bump) and who knows what else I’ve done. I guess it doesn’t help that I rarely wear real shoes and my sandals tend to catch cords and other loose things on the floor, hopefully I can just learn to walk like a normal person and my coworkers won’t think I’m miss clumsy…we’ll see about that.

However, as much as I think about it, my self-proclaimed weirdness is basically what makes me who I am. Who am I kidding? I’m still going to play Wicked, drink bottles upon bottles of water and ultimately pee them all out and I doubt my days of clumliness are behind me. So hopefully my coworkers are ready for it, haha. :)

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