Jen and Ben finally took my advice.

Okay so I really have so many crazy things to share from my oh-so-lovely trip to DC this weekend, but of course work is hindering me from writing anything substantial just yet. However, my dear friend Margo did inform me that an amazing picture was featured on yesterday and I had to search it for myself…and I found many on PopSugar. What is this picture you ask? The picture I have been waiting for for what seems like forever (or just since I started blogging).

Violet Affleck….walking! Ah! I’m so glad she doesn’t have some leg disorder or anything, I was really starting to worry.

Man she is just the cutest!

Okay well I have to get back to work, but expect a much more interesting post with a weekend update and some more celeb news (and not just cute toddlers) later. Woo!
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