"Too blessed to be stressed"

Is that a real saying? Or am I just that corny to make that up? I have no idea. My brain is mush right now. I have been up since the early hours of 7 (which never happens anymore since I don’t have to be to work until 9:30) for a doctor’s appointment where I finally got some prescription meds to help my ridiculous allergies (wooooo!), the minute I got to work I started doing all sorts of different things and have been moving around from one campaign to another, I’m in the process of finishing up two separate things (at the same time! I know, crazy right?) and I just realized that it’s uber late and I have no lunch and have not made a trek to Trader Joe’s to get anything yet (I’m tired and lazy). I had some apple sauce, does that count as lunch?

And on top of it all of my favorite celeb gossip and pop culture blogs are whoring themselves out to Britney. I mean, I’m a Britney fan myself but does it really have to be everywhere?!?! I don’t really care about her custody battle anymore, girl is crazy. Granted I’ll give it to her that she does know how to make a good jam (I’ve played “Gimme More” more times than I can count). I just want to see some Shiloh, Violet, Suri, Jen, anyone? Well I’ll find it later then.

In the meantime, as stressed out and frazzled as I am today there are waaaay too many other things going on that are amazing. Let me list the ways….

  • I’m going to DC TOMORROW!!!!! Gah! I can barely contain my excitement. Despite the fact that my flight is at 6:30 in the morning I am so incredibly excited to go. I’m reuniting with six of my most favoritest college ladies and a high school friend and it’s going to be amazing. I haven’t seen these ladies since March and my god that seems forever ago. And I know that on my plane ride home on Monday I’ll be planning the next time we can all rendezvous. I seriously adore these girls and cannot wait to see them! Yet as happy as I am to go we will be missing one of le “great eight” as we so cleverly call ourselves, haha, (Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnn get Brangelina to fly you up in a private helicopter or something, it could work? Or win the million from McDonalds *har har*).
  • Because of said trip I have two (count em), two four day work weeks. Ah. The life.
  • Last night I saw a special screening of Dan in Real Life, the new movie with Steve Carrell (yaaa Denison alum), Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche. It was so good! I loved it. It was funny, it was cute, it was funny, and overall enjoyable. Although some of it was predictable (it may just be because I watch too many movies that I called several parts of the movie, but still). In a nutshell the movie is about Steve raising three daughters on his own. They go to a family get together and he falls for his brother (Dane)’s girlfriend (Juliette). It’s just cute and man I had a good time, even if I did sit next to the loudest laugher on the planet.
  • I have crossed three things off my list today. I love making lists and then doing stuff on the lists, ah glorious.
  • Matt is going to watch Grey’s with me tonight. Granted he had no real choice since I am staying at his house tonight so he can take me to the airport at the crack of dawn for my eaaaaaaaaarly flight (aw I love him). And then we’ll watch CSI: and Without a Trace, man I love me some TV.

Okay well that’s about it. Now my stomach is really growling and it’s saying “Need. Food. Now.” So I must abide to the stomach and make the trek to TJ’s.

Have a fabulous weekend!