Ummm Hello?

It’s noon on a Tuesday and there is nothing exciting to talk about. No celeb news that I find worthy of this blog. All I’ve seen is that J.LO is still not admitting she’s preggers, LiLo is already talking to magazines about her life and rehab and blah blah blah, Britters finally saw her kids and last night she applied for a bar tending job (isn’t she supposed to be sober?). Pish posh, I don’t really care.

But where is Violet? or Jen? or Shiloh? or Suri? or Kingston? or some other Hollywood baby I can gush over? or some Hollywood starlet looking ravishing at some premiere I wish I went to? Honestly, where are they all hiding today??? Gah.

Well I guess I can share this pic I found on TMZ, little Johnathan Lipnicki all grown up. Remember him? Jerry Maguire? “Did you know the human head weighs pounds?” Ya that kid. He’s seventeen now! No, I don’t feel old at all.

In non celebrity news, the Yankees lost to Cleveland last night! (holler). I basically hate the Yankees so I’ll just root for whoever they’re playing against, but I also like the Cleve for two reasons. One: One of my best friends, Jen, is a Cleve girl and we share a love of baseball, so I will share the support in her team since my team (le Dodgers) let me down and didn’t make the playoffs (sad, I know). And two: Major League. I don’t really need much else there (Wild Thing).

Anyhoo, I have work to do. So it’s off to the land of How I Met Your Mother and The Princess Bride with a hint of Macy’s and a small dash of Microsoft…oh I love my job.

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