Painting with Pedro.

Thank you Dlisted. Thank you for showing me the random wonders of the world. Today’s featured “caption this” photo on Dlisted is of The World’s Greatest Penile Artist. Yes you read that right, the man paints with his little friend (well maybe not little since he can paint with it). I just looked around the site a little (only a little, I can only take so much, haha) and his stuff actually isn’t bad. The paintings are pretty decent and are of a wide variety, who knew?

And in other random findings, my friend Andrew wrote on his blog how he had a Rubix Cube party. This sounds amazing. How come no one thought of this in college? This could have been one ridiculous party of clothes swapping, drinking, dancing and Twister (it has the same colors, haha).

And finally, in other random online “news”, my photo got featured on “License to Rant.” Granted it’s just a pic of someone’s license I saw, I think it’s still cool.

Okay, time to get back to work. Woot.

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