While I’ve been busy working….

some people have been busy doing some other stuff (that sounded way funnier in my head). Anyhoo…yet again, work has me swamped (but I cant’ complain, I love it actually) and my blog is suffering (ce la vie). So with that, I will resort to some links of ridiculous things and maaaaybe, just maybe some pictures to go along with them, so here goes (quickly!):

– Eva Longoria has joined the ranks of Paris and Ray J to have a sex tape leak on the internet and it is quite the video….haha. Okay by now you have to have heard that this video is a total spoof and I watched it and it is pretty funny. Those guys at Funny or Die sure know how to make a funny video. So check it out here to see Eva at her best.
This is why you should not eat other people’s food. Because they may be off their rocker and stab you with their fork (WTF?!)
Britney needs to take some Mommy lessons from Keri Russel, she looks so healthy and happy with little River, ah! so precious:

– Apparently Supper Nanny can’t cure all children?…um maybe because the parents don’t know what they’re doing?
– So the Spice Girls London concert sold out in 30 seconds, apparently that’s nothing because Miley Cyrus (also know as Hannah Montana) is the number one performer right now. Her tickets are selling like crazy and people are scalping tickets for ridiculous prices, way to go Miley, who knew?
– Where is Violet? (or Suri?) I do not know. In the meantime I will share yet another amazingly cute picture of Shiloh (because honestly, she is way to freaking cute) and Brangelina (not wearing black! woo!):

– And lastly, so all my pictures aren’t of cute babies, Cate Blanchett at the premiere of her new movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. This dress could just look like a pile of cloth on someone, but I think she pulls it off fairly well, and the color (lav it!):

And that’s about all I got for the linking business. In TV news (quickly) the Desperate Housewives premiere was super. I liked it as much as I liked the finale. Nicolette Sheridan was not killed off (as I suspected) and is using everything in her powers to keep Carlos and I can’t really go into detail of all the different story lines (since there are about 961576526354 new ones, similar to watching Heroes). But I liked it a lot (needless to say). Anyhoo, that’s that time to get back to work and on the day’s campaigns…I’ll be sure to self promote later on, haha.

Have a fabulous rest of the day/evening and Happy Tuesday!

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