Telly Time.

And when I said celeb news later, I meant later as in Wednesday (today!). Ah. I just had real motivation yesterday to post about the latest and greatest celeb news, but do not fret everyone, I am back (over using commas and all)! However I may have to do some linking and listing to catch up on what I’ve missed, so here goes:

Television: Ah premiere week. Gotta love it. So Monday I caught part of “Chuck”, NBC’s new show about a guy Chuck who accidentally comes across lots of government secrets and havoc ensues. As the star of the show described it, it’s like the 40 Year Old Virgin meets The Bourne Identity, haha. Now it’s kind of a stretch of description, but clever none the less. The best part to me was that Chuck works for a Buy More store in the Nerd Herd department (Best Buy? Geek Squad? Clever.). Anyhoo, it was actually kind of funny, not great, but funnyish.

But the real reason the television was on Monday night was for “Heroes.” Ah “Heroes.” How I love this show. It’s just so good. So many story lines to follow, random sub plots, amazing superpowers and even some eye candy that you just have to love it. The premiere took place four months after the season finale and things were pretty interesting. In a nutshell, Claire (and family) moved to California and she really wants to be a cheerleader again but has to be a wallflower, Hiro finds out that his hero is a drunk Englishman, Maya and …. (his name escapes me, Alejandro?) are introduced as the newest heroes and are from Honduras (yet we still don’t know what their powers are), Nathan is somehow alive and trying to “blend in” or something by having some massive hobo beard, and at the end we see that Peter is alive and handcuffed in some crate in Ireland with amnesia or something (and ya of course he’s alive, he’s been in all the promo pics…obviously NBC wasn’t going to kill Peter). So with that said, it was a pretty good premiere, I’m just mad they never showed Nikki and her fam, I like their story and her craziness. The season looks good and complicated and confusing and random, but alas that is “Heroes.”

And “The Hills”, how could I forget “The Hills”??? I absolutely love this show. It is so horrible, but I can’t stop watching it. Monday’s episode in brief: Spencer looked like a creepy pedofile with his beard/moustache/peachy blond facial hair (gag!) and was totally uninterested in anything related to a wedding (he hasn’t even told his parents, granted unless they live in a hole they already know/knew), Whitney had her first big assignment and kind of screwed it up by partying with the band the night before, Lauren met up with Jason only to find out he has a girlfriend…make that fiancee, ya that wasn’t awkward at all, haha. Oh gotta love it. And in other Hills related news, Heidi finally admitted to getting a boob job (well no shit) and I love that everyone is making fun of her for it, as they should, Team Elodie!

And then there was Tuesday. Ah Tuesday television. The only show I really watch on Tuesdays is “Law and Order:SVU” (mmmmmElliot Stabler). Granted last night I went over to Megan’s house to hang out and watch TV, so I caught all the shows she watches too. We watched “Bones”, which I had seen before (at her house, haha) and it was pretty good. David Boreanz has not aged at all since his Buffy days I swear, haha. We also caught the tail end of “Biggest Loser” (a show I used to watch religiously with Jen in college but have since only watched sporadically), and it was great. Watching that show always motivates me to work out, haha. But moving on, main attraction, SVU. The show started off with the Sarge packing up and leaving. All the crap that happened at the end of last season basically looked bad on him and they made him leave and Munch took over (crazay!). There is also a new cop (don’t know his name though), Elliot’s daughter was bitchin about community service for her DUI (funny!), and Cynthia Nixon guest starred as a crazy lady with multiple personalities/was a big crazy faker scheming with her sister. It was insane, but oooooh so good. I love Elliot and Olivia and Fin and Munch and B.D., I just love this show, haha.

Ah Television, gotta love it. And tonight’s line up is “Top Model”, “Criminal Minds” and “Private Practice.” I can’t wait for “Top Model” (obviously) but my feelings are mixed on the other two. I’m excited for both, but don’t know what to think about both either, so we shall see how that goes.

And to end this random TV update and unceleb gossip (because I just don’t want to talk about Brit Brit’s babies, Jack Bauer, Tom Brady, JLO, or Paris) I’m going to share a clip of my favorite Spice Girl showing off her dance moves (and I don’t even watch the show), enjoy: