Talk About a Manic Monday…

So as you all noticed I did not post yesterday (sad, I know). I was so excited to blog about my weekend and all the celeb news/gossip that I had heard through the grapevine (aka various celeb gossip sites) however it was just not possible to blog yesterday…waaaaay too much work, chaoticness and random events. So instead of blabbing about it all, I’m taking a page from a blogger that I love to read and borrowing her idea for this post (thanks Janet!):

Love/Hate Vegas Style:
Love: All the craziness that happens in Las Vegas.
Hate: The pain you feel the day after (even days after) all the craziness in Las Vegas.

Love: “Free” drinks you get when you play slots (especially penny slots).
Hate: 14$ drinks at ritzy schmitzy bars.

Love: Winning 16$ on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.
Hate: Not winning more than that.

Love: That the MGM Grand has a Lazy River and spent a majority of my Saturday afternoon lounging and drinking with my cousin, her friends, and Matt.
Hate: That the MGM is so freaking huge and it took 20 minutes to get to said Lazy River.

Love: Matt and I being shady and drinking mini bottles of champagne on the free bus.
Hate: That we didn’t have more, haha.

Love: Free, live bands that have lots of crazy drunk people dancing with them.
Hate: I wasn’t drunk enough to join the madness.

Love: Britta’s 21st Birthday!

Love/Hate Life Style:

Love: I got a promotion! Once they find a replacement for me I will no longer be at the front desk (wahoo!)
Hate: Having more work than I know what to do with, haha.

Love: Everyone in my office!
Hate: Having to leave work early because dumb people can’t drive and loved ones get in car accidents (don’t worry though, all is well now)

Love: Matt.
Hate: He’s more allergic to cats than I am and in no way can stay at the house I’m housesitting. Well I’m technically uber allergic too and we both had minor allergetic sneezing frenzies last night/today, so that’s no good.

Love: Tuesdays.

Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!

***celeb news to come later….now it’s time to get back to work.

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