It’s the end….

of my social life as I know it and I feel fine…

Why is the end of my social life you ask? Because Fall TV is back! Ah! I don’t really think I’m ready for it, but I have no choice. Last night kicked off my Fall viewing with the season premiere of Cycle 9 of “America’s Next Top Model” (not to be confused with America’s Next Top Best Friend, oh Jade). So I can’t really say that I have missed watching Top Model because every time I turned on the TV either MTV or VH1 was having some sort of marathon, so I have definitely had my fill of models over the summer, but nothing makes me happier than a fresh bunch of aspiring models to entertain me for an hour every Wednesday night (not to mention I just love Tyra). So here are some thoughts on last night’s premiere…

  • Cruise boat “auditioning” round (or whatever it is called), quite cool.
  • My little brother asked me again if Miss J is a boy or a girl and my other brother responded, “Miss J is a He/She”, haha. I really don’t know how you explain Miss J and all his craziness to 10 and 11 year old boys.
  • Why is Adrienne Curry not in the opening credits??? Every other winner is but her. Is it because she’s crazy? She’s suing? I don’t know. But the girl was the first Top Model winner and they haven’t acknowledged her in a loooong time.
  • Jaslene, I like her and all. But her Cover Girl commercial was a little hard to bear, her voice! Ah!
  • Mila, word of advice, stop taking so many happy pills! Now I am all about being happy, but she was just too damn perky, it was almost creepy.
  • Ebony. You knew she was going to make it on. She was acting high and mighty (bitchy) but Zoe and I agree that she is really pretty, so at least she’s got that going for her.
  • Lisa. She’s my choice to win (well for now at least). I just think she’s pretty (probably because she has crazy curly hair like me and she mildly reminds me of me). However next week’s preview shows her in a fight with someone, so I don’t know(tisk tisk).
  • I love that Ty Ty reenacted getting a bikini wax from that girl, haha. That was ridiculous and the look on Miss J’s face was pretty priceless.

Oh Top Model, how I heart thee.

In other television news, last night I watched a special on ABC all about Addison (from “Grey’s Anatomy”) and how her character has evolved from the first time she shows up at Seattle Grace to her now show “Private Practice.” It really just made me antsy for “Grey’s” and to see how they show her leaving and what’s going to happen, ah! I’m excited.

So in case you were wondering what my life is going to be like next week (and many following weeks until I can talk the rents into getting a DVR) and what I will ultimately be blogging about, because that’s what I do best…so here goes:

Monday: HEROES! (I put it in caps because I can’t wait to see it, haha), The Hills
Tuesday: Law and Order:SVU
Wednesday: America’s Next Top Model, Criminal Minds, Private Practice
Thursday: Ugly Betty (maybe), Grey’s Anatomy, CSI:, Without a Trace
Sunday: Desperate Housewives

So that’s what I got going for me next week, that and dog/house sitting. Yes, me, Katelin, the girl who has never had a real pet (fish and turtles didn’t really count for me) and is still pretty much indifferent to animals (probably more so now that I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to them) is watching not just any dog, but a ginormous great dane. It’s kind of funny actually. Anyhoo, time to stop blogging and get back to the viral video world because I’m not here tomorrow. I’m off to Vegassssssssssssssssssss! Woot!

So have a fabulous weekend all and hope I win big on penny slots, don’t get hungover and run into some celeb at some hotel, haha.

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