So it’s Monday and a busy one at that. So busy that I am again finding that work is taking over (as it should I supposed, haha). I have been going from one campaign to another, trying to make sure they are all running smoothly, going properly and everyone is happy (it’s kind of crazy sometimes). So while I take a short breather to have some lunch and blog I will catch you up on the happenings of my life (and the Hollywood scene, per usual), so here goes….

My weekend was very relaxing. I did a lot of hanging out, football watching and hoping the boyfriend would stop being sick. Granted it’s not like he can control his allergies, but usually I’m the non-stop sneezing and wheezing one and I just felt bad for him. Granted I did leave him on Saturday after the USC game (we won, holler) to go out for my coworkers birthday in Hollywood. I actually went to the same place where the Common CD release party was a while back. It was pretty fun, pretty busy. One of the best things I saw was on the way there while inching along Sunset Blvd. I saw a short bus, and no not just any short bus..but a party bus short bus. It was awesome. I tried to take a picture, but then I realized that was stupid and instead just found its website, so check it out here and laugh like I did. So I made it to the bar and hung out for a while, had a glass of wine and wished the birthday girl a fabulous night. She even spotted a celebrity while we were there, Bradley Cooper…aka crazy fiancee of Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers also on “Kitchen Confidential” and other movies. I saw him but didn’t really recognize him (his hair was way blonder than usual) and didn’t really even get a “hi” in, just an “excuse me” as I walked past/into him, haha. So that was fun, per usual. So I called it an early night (I’m old and get tired easily now) and made the drive back up Laurel Canyon (it’s like a freaking roller coaster and a little freaky) and back on the 2 freeway where I saw a Deer! No joke, a huge deer just chillin right next to the freeway. I’m not in Ohio anymore, there shouldn’t be deer hanging out next to freeways….crazay……

Anyhoo. Moving on from my life. Several things in Hollywood….

  • Lauren Conrad (from The Hills) released her new clothing line this weekend. Okay now I must say, I love her style, she has good taste and I was hoping her line would be the same. And don’t get me wrong it is nice stuff, but it is waaaaaaaaaay too expensive. You can check it out here if you want and gawk at the prices like I did. Someone needs to tell Lauren that cheaper clothes (aka SJP’s line “Bitten” and AB’s line “Dear” at Steve and Barry’s) are totally in.
  • The Emmy’s. So out of all of the awards shows (Emmy’s, Oscar’s, Golden Globes) the Emmy’s are the ones that I occasionally watch. It’s not always a guarantee that I will even watch them. I don’t really know why that is, but I just don’t find them as fun as the Golden Globes or my favorite, the Oscar’s. However last night’s wasn’t too bad. There were some funny moments that had me laughing. And you could definitely tell it was on Fox this year (there were tons of Fox plugs and making fun or other networks).
  • Anyhoo, here are some of my fave highlights of the night:
    Brian and Stewie starting off the night:
  • America Ferrera winning Best Actress in a Comedy (even though I don’t really watch “Ugly Betty” I still like her):
  • John Stewart and Stephen Colbert presenting the award for Best Actor in a Comedy:
  • Some of my favorites of the night:
    Does Heidi ever go wrong??? Love it.

    Minnie rockin the yellow (so yes of course I want it)….

    Milo looking stunning….

    Eva in her party dress…

Well that’s about all I got for now. I see there are some cute pics of Suri up, but I don’t feel like posting them so go here if you want to see her in all her Scientolbaby cuteness. Anyhoo time to get back to work, woot. Happy Monday!