The Linkster.

  • This really is like a Disney movie in the making. ‘Dove at first site.’
  • Christian Bale really gets into his roles. And I don’t mind at all. haha.
  • Ja Rule has been out of the limelight a while and now I kind of wish he had stayed there. He made some ridiculous remarks about rap music and homosexuality. Grow up Ja.
  • Angelina has a Japanese commercial out for some mascara…mascara? You’d think they’d be all about the lip gloss or no color fade lip stick, I don’t know, because she has trademark lips? Just a thought.
  • Rachel McAdams looks divine at the premiere of Married Life at the Toronto Film Festival. I don’t think many ladies could pull off this dress, but I like it on her. Nice job Ally, I mean Rachel.
  • Speaking of divine, Cate Blanchett straight out rocks in her cover shoot and spread of W magazine. She is definitely becoming one of my favorite style icons (I know Kiki already loves her), but she is just so gorgeous and quirky all at the same time.
  • And apparently there are some scary movies coming this Fall season. I doubt that I’ll see any of them since The Descent has pretty much scared me for the next ten years. Granted I love Johnny Depp and Sweeney Todd looks kind of cool/creepy, so perhaps.
  • And lastly, Fashion week is still going on in New York (woo!), meaning plenty of pics of celebs in fabulous outfits with fabulous people doing fabulous things at fabulous runway shows, haha. Anyhoo, my fabulous pic of the day is three of my fave ladies, Emmy Rossum, Diane Kruger (where’s Josh?!?) and Rosario Dawson:
Love their outfits. Fierce. haha.
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