Some faves of the moment.

Here’s what I love as of right now, this very second, and so should you….

  • Apples to Apples. One of the greatest games ever. Okay maybe not ever (I love Clue and Monopoly too) but pretty close. Basically it’s a game of ridiculous word association. The first time I played this game my friend Lynn ended up falling off her chair in laugher (also read as drunkeness, haha) to some of the things that came out of that game (“Eureka’s Castle!”). I also played it with the ladies while waiting for the Price Is Right. And apparently tiredness and delusion caused me to have a horrible non-pc line of thought, haha (think Angry and Helen Keller). And this past weekend, my love for this game was rekindled as I played with Matt and his brothers (and friends). Oh man. And again I was bad, haha, but in a good/entertaining way (think Furious and Ghandi). All in all it is a great game to play sober or even a couple cocktails into the night, guaranteed for a good laugh.
  • Scene It?Squabble. Yes I am on a games kick, but only because we decided to kind of play this game on Saturday night too. This is basically the latest installment of the great franchise of Scene It? games. For anyone that doesn’t know, Scene It? takes movie trivia to a whole new level by asking random questions and showing clips (basically it’s awesome). And the Squabble version takes it even further. It categorizes things male or female and not only covers movies but television, magazines, sports, and basically anything that can be genderized, haha. It’s pretty sweet and definitely makes for a fun guy versus girl rivalry play.
  • Live Music. I love it. Saturday night I went to a performance of the California Phil Harmonic at the Arboretum. It was quite simply, divine, haha. The best part was that the CalPhil was playing music from movies like Lord of the Rings, Star War and my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean. I went with my mom, Matt, his brothers and his mom and we had a table and everything, twas lovely, I highly recommend it. Live Music is awesome (and I’m seeing DMB in less than a month at the Hollywood Bowl, woo!).
  • The Dodgers. Okay so maybe I don’t love them right now because they are basically driving me crazy, but they’re my team. I have to have faith. With only a handful of games left in the regular season the Dodgers are about three games behind San Diego for the Wild Card and are about five games out of first place for the league. I am totally rooting for Wild Card at this point. The Dodgers have fluctuated so much lately and they really just need to get it together and kick some ass! I’m going to the game on Wednesday against the Padres and I hope we get our act together and beat the Padres, pray people pray.
  • Armenian Food. Yum. Yesterday my neighbors had a big get together/congrats/welcome home/yay new baby party and invited my family over. Wow. There was so much food I really didn’t know what to do with myself. There was lamb, humus, some sort of pita bread, some green minced meat cilantro thing that was amazing. I love it, the scale does not, haha.