Hip Hip Hooray!

Okay so usually I don’t blog when I’m home, I consider it my time away from a computer, haha (but I had to turn it on and get my free songs from Itunes, love it). Anyhoo. I am blogging for one reason and one reason only….to brag. I am usually not a bragger (especially when it comes to my personal life) so I’m not going to use brag, I am going to say celebrate. I am celebrating. I came home today and paid my bills (woo) and sorted through old junk and realized that I had still not heard from the Loan people. So I just called the hotline to get the 411 on my college loan and the word is in guys….



I don’t have to pay Denison University any more money (have being the key word, because I am still a good alum and just sent in dinero to the annual fund because I want to).

Ah. Okay this is a good feeling and I just wanted to share. But now time to snap back and go balance the check book, watch “The Biggest Loser” (so I’ll be uber motivated to work out tomorrow, haha) and talk to the boyfriend. Lovely, I know. Good Night.