A Blogger’s Dream.

So I was over at PopSugar roaming the headlines and pictures and I came across a link to the blog If I Blog It They Will Come. Basically the whole agenda of this blog was to talk about/praise Kevin Costner in hopes that he would one day come across their blog and even go so far as to take a picture of himself looking at their blog and send it to them. Well seven months later and their mission is accomplished! Kevin Costner sent in pictures of himself checking out their blog (a blogger’s dream come true). I must say this is pretty awesome. Being the Hollywood nut that I am, I love it when a celeb shows that they really are human inside and not too up on the Hollywood high horse to do something simple for their loyal fans, it just makes me smile. And heck it even gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe one day Keanu will come across my blog and see that I’m a fan and say “Hey we’re filming Speed 3 and I think you’d be a great extra.” Haha, I wish. Anyhoo, props to Kevin Costner for still being cool (even though he laughed at me in sixth grade, it’s all good).

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