Holey Pants.

Okay so apparently we are having a serious heat wave. I say apparently because I spend a majority of my day in a freezing office looking at this so called heat wave through the giant window doors in my office. Like I have mentioned before I rarely leave my office, even on my lunch break, haha, so I can only hear the stories from friends and the boyfriend (who’s out in Rancho where it’s apparently 107 on a regular basis, gah!) of this insane heat. And although there is a massive heat wave throughout the country ( I just got the full update status of North Carolina from Jen, haha) I am wearing jeans today. Yes jeans, my office is so freaking cold and since I never leave I figured jeans are okay for me. Oh and not just any jeans, jeans that I found buried amongst my work out shirts and sweats in my closet. And it doesn’t stop there, these were my last year favorite pair of jeans that were retired for summer and for the reason that there is a hole in crotch. Yeah you read that right, a hole in the crotch region.

However, the hole is small in comparison to past experiences of holey crotch pants thus I am wearing them at work today. Anyone who knows me know that I have an odd track record with pants, I tend to get holes in the crotch area. They are usually small ones, but the more I wear the pants the bigger the holes get and so on (I think you get the picture). I really have no idea how the heck this happens and I have had to get rid of several pairs of my ‘favorite’ (yes I change my favorite often, but still) jeans because of said hole problem.

Granted my holey pants have made for many a fun conversation or drunken photo session (I heart college) I just wish it didn’t happen all the time. Maybe I should look into better jeans? or walk differently? or not put my feet up all the time? Who knows?!

All I know is that in this heat wave I have some air venting pants, so I guess it isn’t all that bad, haha.