Some links to make the day go by….

So I’ve been too busy today to really blog about the happenings of Hollywoooood (and elsewhere) so I’m just gonna share some links to the best ones of today….

  • A really rich bitch, seriously.
  • Some people have too much time on their hands…like people that sculpt butter, make insane sand castles, or decide to make a portrait of the president using porn magazines, that works too.
  • Brad and Zahara spend a day in New York, precious….but where is Shiloh hiding??
  • Best Week Ever coins a new phrase the “Reverse Savage.” It’s basically child stars that weren’t so hot before and are pretty much studs in today’s standards, number one example Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey, that says it all.
  • Miss Teen South Carolina is trying to redeem her lack of geographical knowledge by posting a video and a geography test to go along with it, good luck with that, haha.
  • LiLo was caught doing drugs in rehab? I thought you weren’t supposed to do that.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is getting her own cooking show about Spanish food. Um. Cool?
  • Happy Birthday MJ! As weird as you are now, I still remember the good ole days….
  • And the Dodgers are winning again!? Yay! Yippee! Wa hoo! Let’s hope they can keep this up and Arizona can all of a sudden start sucking, along with San Diego and Philadelphia, super, great, awesome, thanks guys.

Other than that I’m just rooting for Owen Wilson to get better, Britney Spears to release a good single already (and remember to fill up her car, come on now Brit; the light means fill it up), Nick Hogan to get charged, and the rebuilding of New Orleans.

And totally unrelated, I just found this montage of the Fiesta Bowl last year and I want to share it. Because for some reason I was actually watching it and then continued to scream at my TV as the most insane and improbable plays happened, it was amazing. So enjoy. Happy Wednesday!

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