Looks like he’s moved on….

TMZ is reporting that Jason Wahler, the oh so troubled twice-ex of Lauren Conrad, is engaged! Engaged?! Engaged to his girlfriend of six months, Katja Decker-Sadowski, a USC tennis player. Not that I was rooting for Jason and LC to rekindle their love for each other or anything, but really, who would say yes to marrying him? He has some serious issues…like four arrests? attacking a truck driver? DUI? Ummm I believe the list goes on but I can’t seem to think of it right now. Anyhoo I hope that makes it on “The Hills” since I saw in the previews that Lauren and Jason are still friends…so maybe it will be on the show?? Just have to wait and see.

Update: Turns out Jason is just 20 while his now fiancee is 19 (gah!) and he proposed to her at their housewarming party in front of their friends (including Lauren). Even better, Jason is going to be on that ridiculous show “Celebrity Rap Superstar” and comes back to “The Hills” on the September 10th episode, crazay.