Dawson Leery is that you?

Say it’s so, all of the Dawsonites are back in action and I love it! Woo! According to Perez, James Van Der Beek is returning to television and not just on any show…but Ugly Betty, holler. Now I must say I watched Ugly Betty here and there last season and sometimes during reruns this summer and it’s pretty funny. A little ridiculous at times, but really, what show isn’t a little ridiculous. Anyhoo, I’m just glad to see that the star of my beloved “Dawon’s Creek” is making a small comeback. In my opinion, James is the last of the Dawsonites to reappear in entertainment….let’s recap shall we…

  • Joshua Jackson (Pacey Whitter) aka my favorite – he’ s been here and there lately, with a role in Bobby, and coming out with Battle in Seattle, Shutter and Fletch Won in the next year (holler). And besides making some movies, Josh has been making some moves lately with the lovely Diane Kruger (which I have blogged about several times, I heart them). So good for you Josh, you were always my favorite.
  • Katie Holmes (Joey Potter) – like I really need to write a run down of what Katie Holmes has been up to, haha. She is by far the most ‘in the media’ Dawsonite. She married Tom Cruise, produced the cutest Scientologist alien baby ever, and is living the good life. Oh and she acts on occasion too.
  • Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley) – ah Michelle, I was never really a fan of Jen until the last seasons of Dawson’s but I like you now. She’s dating Heath Ledger, has a daughter with him, Matilda, and is acting as well. She seems fairly normal and I like it, woo Michelle.
  • Kerr Smith (Jack McPhee) – so I think he had a short lived show on Fox or UPN or something, but I just saw him in the oh so amazing Cruel Intentions 3, haha. That was classic acting there. Glad to see you working to your potential Kerr, haha.
  • Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee) – so she has pretty much been a ghost since she left Dawson’s in season four I believe it was. But last year I did see her on “Criminal Minds” (the same show James also cameoed as a crazed bipolar killer, forgot to mention that one), I also think I saw her last night on the AMC show “Mad Men”, but I’m not sure. She doesn’t show up on Imdb (but they can be wrong sometimes), so who knows.
  • Busy Phillips (Audrey Liddel, Joey’s college roommate) – I loved Audrey. She was crazy and awesome and she dated Pacey (so I was jealous, but I still liked her). She basically disappeared for a while too, but now she has a full time role on the never ending show “E.R.” I saw it a couple times last season and she does a pretty good job I must say, all those seasons of Dawson’s really paid off, haha.

Other than the main kids, some Dawsonites have made some memorable TV appearances, most notably Monica Keena (Abby Morgan, the school bitch) on “Grey’s Anatomy” in probably one of the saddest episodes ever. Man as much as I hated her on Dawson’s I was basically in tears by the end of her episode on Grey’s, she was so good, and it was so sad. In brief, she was in a subway accident and got a huge pole stuck between her and another man, heart wrenching amazingly sad stuff. I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen Grams, Mr. and Mrs. Leery in random TV shows as well, I just can’t think of them.

Oh man, all of that Dawson’s talk took me back. I was seriously addicted to that show. So addicted that Megan and I would call each other at commercials just to talk about what had just happened, I had an entire wall in my room dedicated to the show (mostly to Joshua Jackson), and I am pretty positive I have seen every episode (not counting the final season, don’t remind me that Granville didn’t have the WB). I am also the proud owner of all six seasons, so I will always have my most favorite show with me, haha. Gotta love it.

Okay well now that I have totally outed my childhood dreams/obsession I think it’s time to stop and get to some real work. Happy Tuesday!