Always look at your food before you eat it.

For some reason my mom never taught me that…or she did and I just pay attention that day. As noted as Kiki’s #51 to my list, I just ate pita with mold on it. I give myself the idiot of the day award (granted this guy is a close second). For some reason I just ate my pita (with tuna and tomato basil humus, which is delicious by the way) without even looking at it. However, when I went to grab a second pita to eat I noticed a lovely little spot on it, green to be exact, and then I saw a white one. And then I saw the other pita still in the bag had moldy spots too! Gah! And then I realized that the one I just ate had to have mold on it too! Gag! I kind of feel sick just thinking about it. Well let’s just hope I don’t get sick, fingers crossed.