The Baby Ultimatum.

So I basically just ripped my title from this article on Best Week Ever which made me laugh out loud. And I agree 110%, people should not bring babies to the movies (unless it’s that 10am Mommy and Me movie business), get a fricking babysitter! And I feel for this woman because I saw the Bourne Ultimatum Saturday afternoon and I saw a woman walk in with a large sling that I knew was a baby holder (it was funny because it looked deceptive, like it could have been a large purse, but then her hubby walked in with her carrying a large “purse” also known as the baby bag it kind of gave it away.) Luckily when they came in the theater was pretty full and there were no spots near me for them to sit, so they moved to the very front and even more fortunate was that somehow their baby didn’t make any noise the whole movie, how? I have no idea. This movie is rarely quiet. Speaking of the movie, I realize I haven’t written a review or anything, but in a nutshell, I loved it. My boyfriend refers to it as “The Bourne Redundancy” but I don’t care, I think it’s awesome, haha. But I’ve actually seen several movies so far this summer and I may just wait til the Summer rush dies down to capture them all in one large blog (awesome, I know, haha). Anyhoo the gym is beckoning.

Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!