I do not envy these people.

So I just came across this story on Best Week Ever, which took me over The Smoking Gun, and I just laughed out loud. Basically this woman in Florida got her second DUI in three months and when she was getting booked and having her mug shot taken she was wearing an oh-so-appropriate shirt:

Haha, classic.

And in other totally unrelated news Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar welcomed their 17th child today. Yes you read that right, 17! I read about them a while ago when she was first pregnant and still couldn’t believe that these people have so many kids. Apparently there have been several TLC episodes about them and what not and maybe now they’ll add “A Baby Story” too, haha. Oh and even funnier, I thought my family was funny with having all “K” names for the kids, yeah well this family likes the same letter thing too and all 17 kids have “J” names, wow, that must be confusing.

And that’s all I got in the random news of the day…