Who knew?

That Paul Rudd could be so cute? Well actually I did, because honestly who didn’t love him as Josh in Clueless?? You have to had some serious problems if you weren’t in love with him then. And we all know he has come a long way since then, most notably playing Brian Fantana in one of my favorites Anchorman. And more recently starring in Diggers, The Oh in Ohio, 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and his newest being The Ten. I’ve only seen one preview for the movie and I believe it’s about the ten commandments and different modern day stories that accompany each one. Looks kind of funny and has a pretty good looking cast (Winona Ryder, Rob Corddry, Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, to name a few). So with that said, Paul is apparently on a promo run for the movie and made a stop at TRL yesterday, and I must say, he looks adorable! So I just had to share, thank you PopSugar: