Wish You Were Here….

Actually I wish I was there….Okay that makes more sense and that title sounded a lot better when I thought it out in my head first. Whatever, anyhoo, moving on. As I was looking through random friends/acquaintances/family member’s photo albums online I saw all these amazing pictures of places I would love to go to. And some of their pictures are just amazing in general that I just feel the need to steal them and share them. However, I am in no way claiming them as my own, just showing of the skills of people I know and wishing I could go the places they have been…

A cool picture of the Eiffel Tower my cousin took on his last trip there:

A friend’s pic of a palm tree in Belize:

And lastly, a girl I went to High School with is in Figi and this is one of her pictures:

Love it. Love them all. Well I just wanted to share these amazing pictures and I hope to one day share awesome trip ones of my own, haha.