So as part of my daily perusal (is that a word) of I just came across this article that Wilmer Valderrama (from That 70s Show and some MTV show) is selling his five bedroom, five bathroom house in Tarzana for 2.25 million dollars. Okay, that by itself isn’t so bad, lots of big houses like that go for a couple million these days, big whoop. However, it was the next part that just had me laughing, his broker said that he is selling his house because he wants somewhere larger to live….okay take that in…..and then laugh with me….hahaha. Wilmer, The Fez, do you have a illegitate children you have to house? A small country you want to feed in your kitchen? Several women on the side that need their own wings of the house? I mean honestly, you’re 27, single, no kids, why the crap do you need a bigger house?!
At least That 70’s Show will be giving you royalties for years to come because I’m pretty sure that Yo Mama or whatever the heck your MTV show is called is just not that good. And I also think that Fez is a “green” advocate, let’s see him back up a bigger house on a “green” scale. Tool.

Oh Hollywood.