It’s official!

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The Spice Girls are reuniting! I read it on and they announced a eleven show tour over two months, kicking off in Los Angeles December 7th. Woot. Not that I’m planning on seeing them or anything (because I can only imagine how much tickets are going to cost) but it’s still exciting to see them all back together in all their Spice Girl glory.

I think I also have a nice soft spot for them because as odd as it sounds Spice Girls reminds me of college (and not sixth grade). This is only because there were several nights of dancing on furniture with my roommates singing (can be interpreted as horribly screaming) “Wannabe” at the top of our lungs. However the main reason Spice Girls=college is because of the fabulous Halloween where five of us got together and we dressed up as the fabulous fivesome, it was amazing. We had the hair colors, the outfits, make up, the only thing we didn’t do was where those eight inch platform shoes(only because we wanted to make it through the night in one piece, haha).

Anyhoo. All I really wanted to say was “Spice Up Your Life!”
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