View from the "lobby" part deux.

Okay so I am making this brief because I’m about to head home. But wow. There are some crazy people in the neighborhood. A random guy (who looked perfectly normal to me) just burst through the front door of my office came up to me really close and behind my desk and didn’t say anything but held up a piece of lined paper that said something along the lines of “can I have 200$?”, wow. So I tried reading it and looked at him and said “no” and then he stormed out of the office. What the hell??? So random. He didn’t even look like a crazy homeless person.
Other than that all that was weird that I saw today was a smart car on the road, those are so funny, I love them. And I also saw old shirtless uber tan man reading the paper, however he also had a hat on today (and it wasn’t even sunny), haha.

Oh man crazy I say. Until tomorrow….