A Banner a Day (or Month).

by katelin on April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

First of all, THANK YOU. Your comments/texts/emails about my last post definitely brought me lots of smiles and even some happy tears. Sometimes I just need to write my feelings and I’m so glad that’s okay.

Secondly, I love banners.

Good segue right? No? Whatever. Anyhoo, we have this awesome entertainment center and for the past year that we’ve been in our apartment and had it set up, I’ve yet to decide on a picture to go in the gaping space above/behind our TV. I initially thought maybe I’d get a pretty piece of artwork or another mirror, but nothing strikes my fancy. That is until I found a “Merry Christmas” banner that fit so perfectly. And then I found a Valentine’s Day one and then a St. Patrick’s Day one, and I think you catch my drift.

Banners. Are so cute. And I’m a bit obsessed. And Target has only increased that obsession. For almost every season I’ve found the banner in their dollar section (although this Easter one was in the decorations department and was $5, but I splurged) and I need a new one. I mean I could try and get crafty and make a “Happy Spring” or “Summer is Here” or something quirky like that, but really I’d just like Target to make me one. Or make them for everyone and I can go buy them, either or.

So yes, you guys this is my new favorite. A rotating centerpiece if you will.

So THANKS TARGET, for making me spend more money. And making my apartment so cute.


Do you change out decor in your place? Are you obsessed with Target like me?



happy Easter weekend! 


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Better Luck Next Time.

by katelin on April 16, 2014

*A few weeks ago I started on injectable medication. It worked. It was expensive and sort of painful, but it worked. It did its job.

After we learned that it worked I was good to go for the IUI. We did it, we waited.

And last week we found out it didn’t work.

I’m not pregnant.

We knew that the IUI wasn’t guaranteed. There really is no guarantee when you’re fighting the uphill battle of infertility. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t hoping it would. Weeks of ultrasounds and blood draws and being on an actual timetable of medication, for nothing.

For a practice round if you will.

But how many rounds will there be? We don’t know yet. The next step will be to probably let me finish crying it out. As you all know, I’m a crier. I cry a lot. And when I got the call from our doctor saying the test was negative my face was basically leaking. I couldn’t stop it even if I tried.

And then the weekend happened in a blur with bits of happy spots but also breakdowns in the shower and a pity party like no other. I want to feel normal again, I want to stop asking WHY, I want this to be easier. But I’m not, I don’t know WHY and it’s not going to get easier.

And it’s not going to get cheaper. The IUI isn’t cheap. IVF isn’t cheap. Adoption isn’t cheap. So there’s a lot to think about. How many times are we going to do this. How much are we going to put ourselves through. How much can we actually spend without going broke. The next steps aren’t clear but we’re working on them.

I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about this but I’ve talked about everything else so far and Matt said that if this is how I feel better and if I need to write it out to move on, then do it.

So here I am, writing it down as we figure out where to go next.

Everyone here has been the best kind of cheerleader and just, thank you for listening and sharing support and being all around awesome.




*I wrote this on Saturday afternoon and since then I’ve cried a bit more, hugged a bit more and slept a bit more. I’m feeling better than I was on Saturday and tomorrow I’ll feel better than I do today. So there’s that.


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There’s Prom & Then There Are Bubbles.

April 14, 2014

TweetI’m going to be honest. This past week and weekend did a number on me. It was like riding the emotional roller coaster. Matt had surgery, I had doctor visits, work was stressful and just, it was overwhelming. Basically by the time the weekend came I was SO READY for it. Friday: What a day. […]

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Things I’d Love to Hear.

April 10, 2014

Tweet “Of course you can wear your pajama pants all day.” “You’re pregnant!” “Meet your daughter/son!” “You won the lotto, without even playing!” “That perfect job you’ve been looking for, it’s right here and there’s a spot just for you.” “I brought you cupcakes.” “Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are making another movie together.” “So […]

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Weekend & Some Things.

April 8, 2014

TweetLet’s petition to make weekends longer. Sound like a plan? Yes? Yes. Friday: I find it hard to get motivated on Friday nights, hence why on the pajama pants go on sooner and I get cozied up under my favorite blanket. We spent the night enjoying alfredo pasta and watching recorded shows on the DVR […]

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The Katelin Diaries: Episode Two

April 4, 2014

Tweet Because it’s Friday and because I can’t stop laughing at my old journals, I thought today would be a perfect day to share another look into my past. This time we’re going way back, like twenty years back (sweet mercy) and oh, how I make myself laugh. Oct. 17, 1993 Dear Diary, Today I […]

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Never Too Old for a Wishlist.

April 2, 2014

TweetMy 30th birthday is 23 days away (but really, who’s counting?). And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a wish list. Because let’s be honest, you’re never too old to have a wishlist right? Technically Pinterest has helped me keep a wishlist going all year long but I figured I’d share some of […]

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Shake, Rattle & Roll.

March 31, 2014

TweetSo, apparently California has earthquakes. In case you forgot. Because as a lifelong Californian I definitely forgot. And I’m not afraid to say that I’m a huge wuss. Basically the weekend was a mix of earthquakes and laziness, typical right? Friday: I was in my pajamas incredibly early and Matt and I revved up for […]

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