Staying Afloat.

by katelin on October 9, 2018

Do you ever have that feeling where you constantly feel like you’re playing catch up?

Because yeah, that’s how I feel like life has been for the past two weeks. Constantly trying to stay afloat.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun few weeks. But it’s also had hints of stress, an insane amount of exhaustion and overall a lot of ‘just trying to make it through the day’ days.

In a nutshell, Rhys has basically quit sleeping. His naps are nonexistent, his nighttime sleep is laughable and I’m chugging coffee on the regular. It was nice to dream that I’d have a good sleeper, but alas those dreams are being crushed daily.Untitled
Besides the no sleep, work has been nuts. Lots of changes and deadlines and trying to stay ahead of everything. Add on, trying to find more projects and basically I’m nuts.

And then, last weekend my sister got married. So that was a super fun whirlwind of events and family. And see?


The cutest right? But man, I can’t even imagine how my sister pulled it all together. It was chaos for me with juggling the boys and Matt and me getting ready and sweet mercy. It was great to see so many people. But I could use like five naps afterwards.

And then like a crazy person, we had Rhys’s baptism this past weekend. Because you know, why not have all of the events at once? It was pretty low key, but the day before I realized I had shit to do. It was literally one of the most last minute events I’ve ever planned/hosted.


And now. Now is still playing catch up. I’m trying to get out and about with the boys. I’m trying to sleep. I’m trying to gain some sanity by reading. I’m trying.

So any good vibes or mass amount of coffee are appreciated. K, thanks.

And what’s going on with you?


happy tuesday!

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The Autumn Bucket List.

by katelin on September 21, 2018

You guys, Fall is finally coming.

At least it’s supposed to. This weekend marks the beginning of Fall but we’re still supposed to have weather in the 90s for the next week or so (blech). Despite that, I’m revving up and ready for all things Fall (except allergies, my Fall allergies can suck it).

And this year, with two kids in tow, I feel like I’m even more excited about all the things we can do and I want to do. So alas, here is my Autumn Bucket List:

– Visit a pumpkin patch – whether than be our favorite Underwood Farms or trying out a new one like Tanaka or Irvine.

– Carve some pumpkins. I’m honestly drawing a blank on if we carved pumpkins last year and it’s maddening. Although I don’t love all the mess and goo, it’s fun and I want Riley to love it.

– Bake! Once it cools down I can’t wait to start baking with Riley again. Banana bread, pumpkin bread, muffins, anything. My KitchenAid mixer is calling my name.

– Halloween, I have every intention of Rhys dressing up in Riley’s costume from his first Halloween (a pumpkin) but alas I also want to capitalize on matching costumes while the boys are too young to argue.

– Apple picking. I’ve always wanted to visit Riley’s Farm and perhaps this will finally be the year that I do.

– Related: I would like to eat all of the honeycrisp apples. ALL OF THEM.

– Halloween movies. Although Riley is a little too young for Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic, I will 100% be watching them this Fall. As for Fall movies with Riley, you can bet your bottom I’ll let him watch every cartoon Fall/Halloween special there is.

– Send out cards. I love real mail. And I feel like before the madness of Christmas cards, good ole Fall cards to say hello would be fun to do as well.


I seriously love Fall. Bring me all the candles and scarves and pumpkin and candy corn. What’s on your bucket list this season?


happy weekend!

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September 12, 2018

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