Rhys: Eleven Months.

by katelin on February 15, 2019

UntitledLast Saturday, on the ninth, Rhys turned ELEVEN months old. This child is almost ONE. If this hasn’t been the fastest year of my life, sweet mercy.


– Climbs. EVERYWHERE. ON EVERYTHING. Seriously, this child is like a little monkey. He tries to climb on books, on boxes, on toys, on everything, just to get a little higher and give us a heart attack in the process.

– Is obsessed with cords. Like every good baby before him. Cords, man.

– Continues to be our little chomper. Seriously, he bites everything. And everyone, if they’re not careful.Untitled
– Has discovered his voice. Lately he’s not only babbled but started blowing spit bubbles and making random noises for fun.

– Continues to boycott sleep on the regular. Seriously, it’s a disaster. However, it has lead to him passing out at the dinner table a few times. So that’s pretty darn cute at least.
Untitled– Adores Riley and wants to keep up with the big kids, always. Most of the time Riley is a good sport. Other times Riley is too rough and Rhys doesn’t care. And then there’s a lot of the time where Riley wants Rhys far far away from all of his toys.
– Is so close to walking and every day I think it’s going to happen. So far he’s taken maybe a step or two, but only as far as he can get to another couch or table. Instead I think he’s gotten faster at crawling, ha.

– Has the cutest little smile that only gets cuter with his lack of eyebrows.

Untitled– Am a bit of a hot mess these days. Last month was rough. And a whirlwind. And a lot of personal nonsense that’s drained me a bit.

– Survived Riley’s birthday. The weather had it out for us but alas a party was had and I felt like a super mom.

– Have spent a lot of time hiding in books lately. Or rather, escaping. Books have been my best escape lately. Reading and writing. A whole lot of both.

– Am exhausted. But soaking in all the snuggles I can. And taking it a day at a time.

– Am job searching and project searching and I’m hoping for a miracle. All good vibes appreciated.

– Honestly can’t believe Rhys is going to be ONE next month. I am in denial. Serious, denial. I’m also planning another party, like a crazy person.


happy weekend!

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On Turning Four.

by katelin on February 5, 2019

UntitledDear Riley,

Today you turn four years old. How that happened is beyond me. But it’s here and you are four.

You’re no longer a toddler and most definitely a kid. A kid with opinions and friends and dance moves. A kid that makes up songs and is obsessed with butts and poop jokes. A kid that has discovered video games and desperately wants to be an even bigger kid. A kid that loves his brother, even when he’s annoyed with him. A kid that loves reading and riding his scooter.
Riley, you amaze me.

Riley, you also drive me crazy.

But Riley, I love you forever.

This past year hasn’t been our easiest. Your threes brought out a lot of struggles and battles and whoever said twos were terrible clearly didn’t hit threes. Alas, I digress. The threes are done. And I think we’re all glad to say goodbye.

Riley, Four is your year. I can feel it.

You are my little adventurer and our little socialite. You always want to know what we’re doing next and who we’re doing it with. And I truly love that about you.

You’re always willing to dance with me and continue to be my partner in crime. Last year I worried we’d lose those special moments with Rhys’s arrival and you’ve proven me wrong. Yes, our times together haven’t been as long or as frequent, but they’ve been even more special. You still like to snuggle in my lap and you still like to make me laugh.

Riley Charles, I hope you keep being silly. Keep on dancing. Keep on playing games. And keep having adventures.

I love you so.


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