The Christmas Wish.

by katelin on December 19, 2014

Baby Bannan's ornaments
A year ago today I wrote this.

I remember how defeated I was. But at the same time I was hopeful (weird, I know). I was in the holiday spirit, I had family and friends nearby, I had a husband to get me through it all. I still have all of that and this year I’m so much closer to becoming a mother, the only thing I really wanted for Christmas.

The picture above is of my two newest ornaments. One is a pregnant snowman that my mom got me. There’s a little ribbon that says “mom-to-be” and the bottom of the foot says 2014. The other one is a footprint from my aunt with the words “Wished for, Hoped for, Prayed for.” Needless to say I get all misty eyed every time I look at those ornaments. They are so special and perfectly encapsulate the past year for us. We wished, we prayed, we hoped and 2014 was finally the year I became a mom-to-be. And 2015 will be the year we become parents.

Reading last year’s post just shows me how far we’ve come and how much can truly change in a year. Reading that post also makes me cry, because I still know that girl. She’s still around and still worries and no matter how excited she gets, she’s also hesitant.

So Santa, all I’m asking for is for February to get here a little bit sooner so we can meet this baby and start a whole new journey.

We’ve been really good this year, I promise.



happy weekend!

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A Tacky, Tacky Christmas!

by katelin on December 16, 2014

I need a nap. And then another nap. Hosting a party when you’re seven months pregnant is almost as exhausting as hosting a party and drinking the whole night, ha. But oh was it worth it. So worth it. Holiday shenanigans are my favoritest.

Friday: Date night! After a day of party planning and prep we figured Friday would be a good night to go out to dinner and have some fun. After dinner we came home and relaxed, watched The Holiday in bed and called it an early one, resting up for the big day.

Saturday: Party day! Matt and I had our SEVENTH annual Tacky Sweater party and ohmygoodness, it’s my favorite of the year. We had a great turnout, great sweaters (and fun T-shirts), tasty food and good times all around.


Also, I baked a lot. And now I’m eating all the leftovers. I need an intervention.
Tacky sweater party!

Also, great photo ops throughout the evening. I love my peoples. And their outfits. And Christmas music.


We stayed up way too late, had way too much fun and just, I love the holidays.

Sunday: A day of NOTHING. Literally. The leftover party crew (me, Matt, AJ and Cresence) lounged the day away watching football, eating breakfast burritos and drinking coffee. It was delightful. I legit stayed in pajamas all day long and it was the best.

By the time the evening rolled around I was excited to make it to 9pm without crashing. Matt and I relaxed and called it a night and a very successful weekend.


And how was your weekend? Any tackiness or baked goods to devour? Can we do the weekend again and again? Also, let’s slow down time because seriously, how is Christmas NINE days away?? Hold me.


happy tuesday!

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