Dear Santa.

by katelin on December 19, 2019

Dear Santa,

This has been A YEAR.

Seriously. Can you just take note to whoever is in charge, that I’d like a nice and easy 2020? Please? Pretty please?

I also decided that I’m not too old to write you letters and this year I have a few things on my list. So here goes:

– Just ONE NIGHT of eight hours of sleep. Just ONE. It’s all I need. I mean, I will gladly take more. But lately I’ve been running on four or five hours and mostly broken up sleep and it’s just not a sustainable life model.

HAMILTON. It’s coming back to the Pantages next year. And yes, I’ve already seen it (and it was AMAZING). And it’s becoming my new Wicked. But god, what I wouldn’t give to go see it again.

– The TODDLER UPGRADE. Wait, is that a thing? Am I making it up? But is there some way you can make my kids not be constantly insane? I mean, yes we have our moments. And they are super cute. But goodness, I feel like the tantrums and the meltdowns are at an all time high with both boys lately and I just need this part to MOVE ON ALREADY.

– Chewy Sweet Tarts, Peanut Butter M&Ms and Skittles. See? Not all of my requests are ridiculous. This one’s easy. Just toss it in my stocking and all will be fine. My dentist might object, but whatever.

– If you can’t deliver on the sleep, I will gladly accept coffee in all forms (gift certificates, actually beans, delicious creamers or Bailey’s to liven up my mornings).

– Some new flats. And some new clothes that make me look and feel like an adult and not someone pretending to be an adult.

– A money tree. K? Thanks.

I promise I’ve been good this year Santa.

Thanks, in advance.


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The Second Child Moment.

by katelin on November 13, 2019

A few weeks ago when Rhys was refusing to nap, I watched him dance around his crib and start to scream and make random noises. It was amusing. Until Matt and I noticed that he was starting to climb out. And not just attempt to climb, but get full on horizontal.

Now, if you remember, Riley attempted this as well. And the minute Riley was horizontal I was SPRINTING back to his room to get him. I’d go back the second he was attempting to climb out. Or I’d talk to him through the monitor. Basically I did anything to stop him from getting out.

Fast forward to Rhys’s escape attempts: We just watched.

No joke. We were laughing together as we watched our youngest do some crazy acrobatics trying to maneuver out of his crib. At one point he was hanging off. And did either of us move? Nope. I did try talking to him through the monitor, but to no avail, he was determined.

So we continued to watch our little daredevil as he went from horizontal to straight up landing on his feet outside the crib. He did it, much to his (and our) surprise. He then sauntered over to the door and walked on out to us. Man was he proud.

And man, did we laugh about how much he’s a second kid and how much we’ve relaxed as parents.

So now, we just keep him in a sleep sack and hope for the best. Because I am not ready to move this kid into a big bed. No way, no how. Alas, this kid is going to keep us on our toes, I just know it.


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