I am not Superwoman.

by katelin on March 3, 2015

Nope. Not superwoman. Not supermom. Not superhuman. And I need to remember that.

Yesterday marked the beginning of my second week home alone with Riley. And honestly, this kid is toying with me. Seriously. Last Monday he was amazzzzing. Like slept well and ate well and I got things done. And that’s where the amazingess stopped.

Every day since then Riley has only slept when I’m holding him. If I try and put him down, he wakes up. He’s cried so much I’m convinced the neighbors must think I’m murdering my child and he’s hardly slept. So basically those things on my to-do list have all been halted until Matt’s gotten home. And I’ve watched a lot of bad TV.

In short, this is not easy. I mean, I never thought it would be. I never thought parenthood would be easy, simple or anything manageable with an almost month old child. I don’t actually know what I thought.


Maybe I was over ambitious to think I’d be able to get things done right away and just bounce back into some semblance of normal life. Maybe it was a bit crazy to think that I’d always be able to comfort a crying baby. And maybe it was crazy to think I’d be able to handle all of this on my own.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still love it. Despite how hard the first week was by myself and how difficult I can only imagine it’s going to be from here on out, I’ll make it work. Maybe I’ll have to forfeit sleep or quality time with Matt to do freelance work and maybe I’ll just have to admit defeat sometimes. Maybe I’ll have to admit when I need help and call my mom or call Matt’s mom to come help. Maybe I’ll just have to wing it. A lot.

And maybe sometimes I’ll just cry when Riley cries, because I’m a crier. And it’ll be okay.

And no matter how hard this is or how hard this gets, I know I’m not alone and I know I’m so lucky to have this little man in my life. Even if he doesn’t take after me and my love of sleep.


happy tuesday! 

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by katelin on February 20, 2015

UntitledI’ve been a mom for a little over two weeks. And it’s yet to actually sink in. I actually don’t think it ever will. I mean eventually it should right? But for now I’m in that newbie state of bliss and delirium that I’m not quite sure how this life is even possible.

However, in these past two weeks I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned that Matt and I are newbie parents in every sense of the word. Want to know what makes us newbies? Let me count the ways:

Like I mentioned before, Riley’s already had a trip to the ER for a suspected fever (not the case, he was fine).

There’s also been a trip to the pediatrician because he’s been spitting up every time he eats (turns out he’s overeating and we need to cut back. Oh goodness little man).

Riley was so fussy in the middle of the night that I broke into laughter. Straight laughter until tears were streaming down my face. This has happened more than once. The sleep deprivation is very real.

Every time the kid poops or farts while one of us is holding him, we start laughing. Because clearly we have the sense of humor of teenage boys.

Also hilarious, when we change his diaper and he pees on the wall. Everything is funny.

I’ve realized that when Matt goes back to work next week I’m probably never going to get anything done. Because I stare at the kid while he sleeps like a creeper or I can’t stop cuddling him.

In the middle of the night when Riley is crying for no reason at all I’ve sometimes found myself wondering what we’ve got ourselves into. And if we can really handle it. And why isn’t there a baby decoder. But really, after all of those thoughts I eventually come back to realizing that we’re figuring this out as we go and so is Riley and it will all be okay.

Valentine’s Day was just a day this year. I honestly forgot that it was happening until the day of and all I asked for was sushi. Speaking of days, I hardly know what day of the week it is any more. I mean, that was sort of the case when I started working from home months ago, but now it’s out of control. What day is it? What month? The date? I don’t even know.

Baby clothes are the best. Even if he’s so long and lean and is swimming in most of his outfits. Also, baby clothes for biker gangs are even more adorable (even if Riley is skeptical).

And in the final newbieness, Matt and I make a good team. But that doesn’t mean that either of us enjoys spit up and changing poop filled diapers, ha.


happy weekend!

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