My Barnacle Baby.

by katelin on April 18, 2018


I jokingly called Rhys my Barnacle Baby. But honestly, the nickname is so true. This kid is only happy if he’s being held or worn. I feel like I spent the majority of my day with him attached to me. Untitled

I mean, Riley was sort of the same way and I vaguely remembered how much newborns love snuggling, but sweet mercy.


Don’t even ask me how nighttime sleep is going. Because it’s not.

And the funny part is that for someone who loves being held or worn, he DESPISES being swaddled. Like I feel like we’re actually torturing the poor kid when we try and swaddle him. The swaddle was like crack for Riley and it worked small miracles when he was fighting sleep or just being cranky. Whereas with Rhys, the swaddle can only happen if he’s already passed out and usually he’s out of it within 20 minutes (if not sooner) anyways. I mean, yes, I know kids are different and different approaches work for different kids, but so far, nothing but holding and snuggling is working for this.

And don’t get me wrong, I love the snuggles. I love hearing his little snores. I love that with the Ergo I can still get stuff done (like eat or do work or you know, help Riley with something). And I know he won’t stay this little forever. And I know this is just a phase.

But I also know that sometimes it’s nice to not have someone touching you 22 hours of the day.

UntitledHe’s probably about to yell at me because I’m not holding him.


happy wednesday!

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Rhys: One Month

by katelin on April 10, 2018

UntitledGuys. GUYS. Yesterday marked ONE MONTH OF RHYS. Also ONE MONTH OF TWO KIDS. And sweet mercy, we made it. I made it. Barely, ha.

I feel like this calls for a celebration, or a donut, or more wine, ha.

But really, it’s amazing how fast this month went and how little sleep I got. To celebrate, I want to do a monthly Rhys recap like I did for Riley, so here we go:



– Is a little barnacle. He wants to be held 90% of the day. Thank goodness for the Ergo.

– Hates being swaddled. Hates the pacifier. Loves being held. Loves the boob.

– Has some seriously well functioning lungs.

– Loves to sleep all day and party all night. Well not necessarily party, but he is waking up about every hour or hour and a half every night (joy!).

– Has some seriously judgmental faces, just like Riley. It cracks me up, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
– Is the nosiest baby. Even when he sleeps, he’s making noise.

– HATES being naked. The bath is not his friend and diaper changes are the worst. He basically just hates being cold and I don’t blame him. But sweet mercy kid, give my ears a break.

– Has peed on me at least five times.

– Sneezes multiple times like I do. So he’s clearly my kid.

– Is so fascinated by Riley, it’s adorable.

– Was a good sport for Easter and adorably rocked the too-big bunny ears.

– Am the most tired. Like so tired. Like I forgot how to turn on my coffee machine tired.

– Have been reading. Watching shows. Going out in the world. And it feels like a damn miracle every single time.

– Am so amazed by my tiny humans. It’s so weird how similar they are and yet so different.
– Am already back to work. When you work for yourself you don’t really get maternity leave, which is kind of a bummer. So I’ve been pulling some even later nights to get work done and guys, can I just win the lotto already?

– Can’t wait for my BFF Jen to come visit at the end of the month. She’s staying for a few days and I can’t wait to catch up, drink wine, let her get all the baby snuggles she needs and just be.

– Also can’t wait for my BFF Megan to have her baby at the end of May. She’s having a little boy and it’s already been decided that he’s Rhys’ future BFF and Riley will just lead them both around.

– Am still figuring out motherhood. Second time around doesn’t make it any easier, but I feel like I’m learning it out all over again. And that’s okay. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s quite alright to not have it figured it out just yet.


happy tuesday!

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