Sending You Elsewhere.

by katelin on October 23, 2014

Paper & pen
The internet is a delightful place. I mean yes there are terrible comment sections and ridiculous memes and Buzzfeed quizzes that go around far too often, but in the end there are some real gems out there too.  And because I’m all about sharing, here are some of my favorite gems as of late.

Becky, my fellow infertility warrior, is pregnant (huzzah!). And she wrote all about the feelings and the somewhat guilt of getting pregnant naturally. Her writing is raw and beautiful and I somewhat relate. The guilt is there, but so is the happiness and the need to keep on fighting.

Nicole, the queen of all things running and healthy and non-bullshit, wrote an awesome piece all about changing your plans. She had planned to run across America next year and due to injury, she had to ultimately change that plan. And it’s okay. Shit happens and we figure out how to make it work. And that’s what she’s doing.

Nora, my almost life twin, was featured on Kathleen’s blog all about working moms. And Nora’s post is so wonderful and emotional and honest as she talks about the difficultly and the joy that comes with being a Bonus Mom.

Ashley, supermom of two adorable boys and all around my frugal living idol, just turned 30 (w0o! welcome to the club!). To commemorate such an awesome birthday milestone she wrote a little something about things she learned in her twenties. And she learned some wonderful things we could all benefit from practicing.



Any good reads you’ve seen lately? Do share.


happy thursday!

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A Blur of Goodness.

by katelin on October 21, 2014

You know when weekends go by in a blur of goodness that you almost forget what happened? Yeah, that’s what this weekend was. A blur of goodness and fun times and October times.

Friday: A day full of eating cookies, working, embracing maternity fashion (leggings, sweet mercy they could have their own blog post at this point) and reading. An evening full of hanging out, relaxing and ultimately celebrating my aunt’s birthday with drinks and laughs.

Saturday: This might be the most spread out year of weddings that we’ve ever had. Saturday marked our second-to-last wedding of the year and oh twas delightful. Despite an eleventh hour outfit change, the day was stress free and full of a whole lot of love.
UntitledThe venue was at an equestrian center and sweet mercy was it beautiful. It was fun to catch up some some old friends, meet some people from Matt’s younger years and to see such a happy bride and groom. I seriously just love all things wedding, and I love when they get all sorts of creative with signs and decor, like this one.
UntitledI mean, the funniest.

All in all there was some dancing, a lot of laughing and just a delightful time all around. My kind of Saturday night.

Sunday: After the Saturday night shenanigans I was quite ready for a lazy day. And that’s what it was – for the most part. I slept in, I relaxed and then we spent the whole afternoon watching football at the in-laws. Well watching football, cuddling with my niece, eating too much cheese, the usual. And despite Matt’s teams losing it was a delightful afternoon and evening all around.


And how was your weekend? Any weddingness or football? October shenanigans?


happy tuesday!

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Five on Friday.

October 17, 2014

Tweet 1. I am a baking machine. In the past three weeks I’ve baked (gluten free) banana pumpkin bread (twice), these (gluten free)  pumpkin cookies that Kerri posted about (don’t ask me how many I’ve eaten, it’s ridiculous), made cauliflower soup and am prepping for butternut squash. I’m hoping the weather stays delightfully in the 70s […]

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I like to Stretch & Kick!

October 16, 2014

Tweet If you know what this post title is from I’m giving you a virtual fist bump.  Moving on. Two weeks ago, I was home alone, lying on the couch and all of a sudden the baby moved. Like really MOVED. It kicked or punched or whatever, but I felt it. Strong. And maybe it punched my […]

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Fall is Fun.

October 14, 2014

TweetFall has come to Southern California! (sort of). This past weekend was perfectly Fall. Well, it was close. It was in the 80s which is better han the scorching 100s we’ve had recently, so I’ll take it. And I did Fall things and had friend dates and yep, October is my favorite. Friday: Double date, […]

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Adult Things, Like Financial Planning.

October 10, 2014

Tweet In the eight years that Matt and I have been together we’ve had our fair share of medical debacles. For anyone that’s keeping tabs, here’s what it’s looked like – Matt: Shoulder surgery (twice), Cyst removal from his back, Knee surgery, Cortizone shots, Physical therapy. Me: ALL THE INFERTILITY THINGS Needless to say, when we […]

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Sports & Snuggles.

October 7, 2014

TweetOctober is my favorite month. It’s especially my favorite when the weather behaves. Sadly, this weather is not behaving – but that didn’t thwart any of the weekend plans. So instead, I did things and I melted in the process. Friday: After an oh-so-productive day of work and home my evening was spent catching up […]

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October 1, 2014

Tweet Somehow I’m halfway through this pregnancy (HOLY MOLY!) and I figured today would be a good day for an update. So an update it is. And I figured I’d borrow this breakdown idea from the oh-so-lovely Ashley, so here we go: How far along? 21 weeks. How big is the baby? Officially, weighs one pound (according […]

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