My TV Binge.

by katelin on July 2, 2015

You guys. I have a confession to make.

Since I was laid off in November and have essentially been home since then, I’ve binge watched a lot of television. Like an almost embarrassing amount. And I feel like I should share it with you all.

House of Cards. When the newest season came out I figured it’d be a good time to watch the show so many people raved about. It was good. Not my favorite show of all time, but not bad. Season three was kinda lackluster and the finale was not nearly as awe dropping as I thought it would be.

Bloodline. I admittedly watched this bad boy in two days when Matt was out of town. I even forfeited precious sleep time because I just had to know what happened. I started watching it for Coach Taylor, but kept watching it because it was just so well done. I even wrote a whole post about it over at the Daily Quirk.

Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-6). I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a comedy as much as I loved this one. Why it took me so long to catch up, I’ll never know. But I’m so glad I did. And I’d really like Netflix to get the final season so I can know what happens! But really, this show is just so damn delightful and I love everyone on it.

Cold Case. Thanks ION for having endless airings of this show and actually airing it in order from start to finish. My DVR was loaded up with Cold Case episodes and I finally made it through. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and no idea why I never watched it when it was on TV (probably because I watch enough crime shows)

Game of Thrones. I thought I’d watch an episode or two. And that I’d be too confused to honestly care what was going on. I was wrong. And I caught up with the series just in time for the season finale (after only three weeks, whoops).

Broadchurch (Season 1). I had heard good things about this one. And oh, was it right. Another crime drama, but this time British! Seriously, a good thriller and season one could be a stand alone mini-series. There is a second season however and I’m so curious to watch it eventually and see where they take the story.

Orange is the New Black (Season 3). Well, that took me like two days.

In my queue : Frankie & Alice, Parenthood, Chef’s Table

However, it may now take a while to get the to queue now seeing as to how Riley now pays attention when the TV is on. Before I could just turn him away and he wouldn’t care. Alas, since we are implementing no screen time for the munchkin means no screen time for me.

Well except for the ever illusive nap times where I’m not trying to get a ton of work done. Seriously nap times are so precious it’s hard to really figure out what I want to do with them, read? Eat? Watch a movie (er part of a movie)? An episode of a new show? Shower? Nap?

So yeah, that’s where my time went for a few months.

And what have you been watching these days?


happy thursday!

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Our Village.

by katelin on June 30, 2015

I get it now.

When people would say “It takes a village” I thought I got it, but no, not really.

Now though, now I get it.

After almost five months of being a work-at-home-for-myself mom, I realize that there is absolutely no way I could have done any of this on my own. Notably, Matt is a huge help and is my partner in crime and parenting and is best kind of father and husband that I knew he would be. I knew I would never actually be alone in this parenting adventure, however I don’t think I ever fully realized just how much I needed other people.

Last week I had a flurry of deadlines arise all at once, on the same day (joy!). Of course it was then that Riley decided that sleep was for losers and so was being put down. In a spur of genius and desperation I decided to put him in the Ergo carrier and I put my computer on his changing table so I could continue to sway with him while I tried to get work done. While it was a temporary fix, I realized that disaster was on the horizon if I didn’t hand my child over to someone else soon so that I could get things done. Because you know, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid, and then I can’t stay home with my child. It’s a vicious cycle. In any case, I texted my younger brother and asked if he would come over to literally ‘just hold my child for an hour.’ And without delay he said he was on his way over.

The minute he walked in the door I handed him my child and a bottle and I tried not to cry from sweet relief. Eventually I got all of my work done, Riley slept in his uncle’s arms and the day was saved.

In the early days of Riley, I had several days where I asked my dad to come over just to take him on a walk. So I could get freelance work done or shower or eat or have an hour to myself. In the recent days of Riley, my mom has been coming over to help watch him so I can dedicate time to working so I can have days off in between to not worry about working but rather enjoy spending time with my munchkin. Matt’s mom has babysat at our place, babysat at her place and ultimately taken over a few times with the kiddo so I could, you know, get laundry done.

Friends have bought us dinner, family have stopped by to visit, I have a group text with mom friends going and I’m hopefully going to some local mom group meetups soon. We’ve gotten hand-me-downs and advice from family members and unlimited offers of babysitters. We’re surrounded by a whole lot of wonderful people.

This is our village.

And it’s a really big, awesome village that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thank you village, thank you a whole whole lot.

happy tuesday!

*Also, don’t let the photos fool you. Riley still hates sleep. So the times that he is actually asleep, I usually have to document it to remind myself that it was real.*

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