A Good Cry.

by katelin on May 28, 2015

Yesterday was a day. A day that brought out tears that I’d apparently been stockpiling for a while.

It started when I thought Riley was down for the night (or at least a few hours in his case). Matt left to go to the store, I made myself dinner and naturally when I sat down to eat it, the little rascal woke up. He was crying and fussy and generally unpleasant, basically how most of yesterday went. He was sleep deprived and fighting it tooth and nail.

I went into his room, fed him and cried while I did it. Tears streamed down my face as I begged my child to go back to sleep. Eventually he did and I went back out to the front room and cried some more.

I cried because my child hates sleep about as much as I love it. I cried because even if I slept for three days I feel like it wouldn’t be enough to not feel exhausted. I cried because I love my child, but sometimes I feel like a bad mom when his crying drives me batty. I cried because when people say they have a “happy baby” I feel like Riley isn’t one of those. He’s a moody baby. A baby that smiles and coos, but also cries and fusses more often than not. I cried because I wanted this, I wanted motherhood so badly that sometimes I feel like an ass when I complain about it.

I also cried because yesterday I found out that a classmate of mine from college passed away unexpectedly in a bicycle accident on Tuesday. She was celebrating her one year anniversary with her husband in Napa and was hit by a truck. I wasn’t close to her but I feel like for as often as she posted on Facebook I still knew her. She was happy, she was in love and she was incredibly close to her family and her step kids. And the fact that she is gone is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine being her husband. I just, it’s terrible.

So yesterday, I let it all out. I had a good cry. A good long stream of tears down my face.

And that’s okay.

And I need to remember that.


happy thursday!

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Baby Dates & BBQs.

by katelin on May 26, 2015

Long weekends aren’t nearly as exciting now that I work from home. I mean, they’re exciting for different reasons. They’re fun because it’s one more full day to spend with Matt and fun because friends are town and fun things happen. But it’s different. And experiencing it all with a baby is even more different.

Alas, twas still a weekend and still fun.

And it was all a blur since this was also the weekend we decided it would be a good idea to start “sleep training” Riley. I use that term loosely and really we just started putting him to bed in his crib in his own room. In a nutshell: It made this weekend feel even longer. The 0nly upside to it all is that he has a new sleep suit so he looks like a little sumo wrestler (a whole post about this is coming soon, once we’re a little further into this, oy.) But really, I dare you to not laugh at this little munchkin:
UntitledThe rest of the weekend was full of baby play dates, lunch with friends, my first post-baby clothes shopping excursion, BBQs with family, dinner dates with cousins, donuts and coffee with Matt. I even had a few hours to myself where I baked, I read, I danced around the apartment.

My sister even got in some quality snuggles with her goddaughter and Riley, her godson.
UntitledRiley also got to meet my friend Janet and her daughter Isabel. They were born a month apart and pretty much I can’t wait til they can interact.
UntitledAll in all the weekend was delightful albeit tiring. And I know the summer will be full of fun weekends and I can’t wait for Riley to experience them all.


And how was your weekend? Any BBQs? Baby dates? Dance parties?


happy tuesday!

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Becoming an Urban Mom: Balancing Work & Family.

May 22, 2015

Tweet As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ve been doing freelance work in order to stay at home with Riley. I don’t know how long this setup will last, but for now, I’m trying my best to make it work. Sometimes I just need an extra set of hands to take care of Riley […]

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A Reunion Kind of Weekend.

May 19, 2015

TweetYou guys. this past weekend marked our longest travel with Riley and although it was for a good reason I’d really like to never do it again. Babies man. They’re exhausting. In any case, our weekend went a little something like this. Thursday: Started our day nice and early and made the trek to San […]

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Eight is Great.

May 13, 2015

Tweet On May tenth this little blog turned eight. EIGHT. I honestly don’t know how that’s possible, but it is. For eight years I’ve been writing about my life, rambling on about whatever has popped into my. What TV shows I think you should watch, what wine you should probably drink and what celebrity you should […]

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My 1st Mother’s Day.

May 12, 2015

TweetThis right here kids, this is true love. Cropped out of the picture is also a bouquet of roses because apparently I can’t take a good picture when I’m functioning on little sleep. But anyways, this is what I woke up to Mother’s Day morning and it was perfect. PERFECT. Riley slept for a solid […]

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Riley: Three Months.

May 7, 2015

Tweet On Tuesday Riley turned three months old. THREE. Hey Time, slow it down okay? He: – Has the most unpredictable sleep schedule. It’s exhausting. For everyone. We sort of tried moving him to his room at night but that didn’t go over so well. And we’re sort of trying to get him on a […]

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To Matt.

May 6, 2015

TweetDear Matt, In a rather panicked moment a few days ago I asked you if we’d be okay. No, nothing is wrong with our relationship but rather I was worrying about absolutely everything ranging from finances to feeling like adults again to being good parents. And you quickly assured me that yes, yes we would. And it’s […]

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