Before Your Wedding.

by katelin on October 14, 2016

Dear Megan,

Tomorrow you’re getting married! MARRIED! Ahhhhhhh! More like Eeeeeeeeeee! I had all these grand plans of writing you an amazing blog post that summed up our friendship and how excited I am for you and JR, but you know, life happened. Also, I figured, I should probably save something for my speech tomorrow, ha.

In any case, I wanted to write something here. I wanted to shout it from the internets, MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

Over twenty years of friendship and we’ve had so many adventures and so many life moments and I’m just so happy we’ve been able to celebrate them together. Six years ago we took this picture at my wedding :

Me & Megan

And I cannot wait to take it’s companion with you as the gorgeous bride I know you will be. JR is a lucky man and I’m just so ready and thrilled to celebrate you two.

I hope tomorrow is everything you want it to be. I hope you enjoy and embrace every moment together and with all of the people that love you. I hope tomorrow is your perfect day.

Tomorrow is your day and I’m so happy to be a part of it.


Love you pal.



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by katelin on October 10, 2016

Well last week I talked about having THAT CHILD. Little did I know, that following that post would come THE WEEK. You know the kind. The kind where shit just keeps happening. You guys. What did I just experience?

Life is weird. And overwhelming. And SWEET MERCY.

Want to know what what nuts feels like?

last Saturday: Matt was starting to get sick. Well his ears were getting weird and his sinuses were going bonkers. So yeah, he was getting sick.

Sunday: While celebrating our friends at their baby shower I was stung by a rogue bee on my hand (seriously, eff bees – yes I know they’re endangered, but I’ve been stung SIX times now, it’s ridiculous). After the shower Matt heads to Urgent Care, he’s got some sinus issues and gets a prescription that’ll hopefully help.

Monday: SURPRISE! Apparently I’m allergic to the bee sting. My left hand ballooned. Had to take an afternoon trip to Urgent Care and get some steroids and bah.

Wednesday: Matt is definitely ill. Riley is starting to get sick. What is happening? To give Matt a break I took Riley out of the house and we trekked to Target. I sat him on a bench to try on some new shoes. I put the shoes back that didn’t fit and left my child sitting on the bench that was just a little too high. And then two seconds later he face planted. Bit his lip, blood everywhere, middle of Target and I didn’t have a diaper bag. I don’t think I’ve ever been in and out of Target quicker (yes, I bought the shoes).

Thursday: Riley is definitely sick. And loopy. And sick. In a goofy moment we were all playing and before we knew it, he tripped on my feet and went head first into the door frame. BAH. The rest of the afternoon was spent snuggling and not sleeping and ugh. Eventually we took him to Urgent Care (man, they love us) and turns out – DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! HURRAY!

Friday: What is sleep? I miss sleep. Sleep is nice. My husband can’t stop coughing, my child is sick and we’re all watching a whole lot of Sesame Street (A LOT).

Saturday: After his nap I figured I’d take Riley on a walk to, you know, get out of the house a bit. I even decided to try some froyo with him and sit outside for a bit. BAD DECISION. Not to be too gross here, but within five minutes, my child puked all over me. It was horrendous. Luckily Matt drove over to pick us up and we showered and Riley seemed fine afterwards. But EW. The rest of the night was more Sesame Street and college football and showers.

Sunday: 1am wake up anyone? With more puke? SURE. It’s amazing I didn’t just curl into a ball and start crying at this point. Poor Matt was on the couch coughing, Riley woke up crying and covered in puke. It was a long night. A shower, a clean up, and lots of cuddles. We are so tired.

And with that. We’re starting over. Clean slate. This week I deem the week that shit gets back to normal. My boys get healthy. And I pull it together to celebrate my best friend’s wedding this coming weekend.

Deep breaths.



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