Rhys: Six Months.

by katelin on September 12, 2018



Excuse me while I freak out a little bit over the fact that my baby is six months old already. Sunday marked the day and I swear to god the past week was a flurry of milestones and changes and why is everything moving at warped speed?


– Is sitting up. It’s adorable. And also, ohmygosh he’s sitting up.Untitled

– Got his first tooth. Which may be part of the reason why we’ve been having so many late and long nights. His sleep has been pretty horrendous and I’m just going to blame it all on the tooth. But really, I think he’s just taking after his brother and we’re doomed.

– Blows raspberries. All of the time.

– Continues to adore Riley like no other. It makes my heart melt. Every morning when he wakes up, he looks for Riley. He also gets a kick out of helping me wake Riley up from nap. I hope this never changes.
– Is eating real food! We started last month and it’s been fun to see what he loves (peaches, bananas, mango) and what he tolerates (green beans, carrots).

– Went on another road trip when we trekked up to Salinas last month. He slept for a lot of it, which was great. And he did a wonderful job being held by everyone. Seriously, he’s at the age that whenever we’re at a family event he just gets passed around and cuddled and I do not object.

– Has the best little giggle.

– Tolerates my nonsense.
– Have read 23 books this year. Reading is just such a wonderful escape for me and I’m so glad I haven’t let it totally fall by the wayside.

– Have hopped on the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before bandwagon. That movie is a delight. And if you haven’t watched it yet, please do.

– Am excited that our Mommy & Me classes have started up again. We’re doing classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and albeit a little exhausting, it’s nice to have a routine going again. I love being able to spend some time with other moms and to have actual conversations about parenting.

– Am anxiously awaiting my girls’ trip in November. I’m headed to Nashville with some girlfriends from college and I’m just so excited. A little stressed about leaving the boys, but ultimately excited.


– Bought mini pumpkins yesterday so bring it on FALL, I am here for you.

– Went to my sister’s bridal shower over the weekend and it was a delight. It was derby themed and just so much fun to celebrate my little sis and spend time with the ladies of my family. It also wasn’t terrible to be kid-free for a few hours while sipping on chardonnay and mint juleps.
Derby Day
– Can’t believe that a year ago today I posted that I was pregnant. Man, that went by fast.



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That Late Night Life.

by katelin on September 4, 2018

I took this picture last night (this morning, really) because I needed to laugh.

I had so much work to do and despite not really sleeping during the day, Rhys was up again. And he was so giggly and smiley and cute and sweet mercy it almost made me forget that he was wide awake at midnight.

I told Matt to go to sleep and I stayed up with him since I had work to do and I have the boobs.

Eventually I got him down.

And then he was up again.

And down again.

And up again.

And in the midst of all of this, I had work to do. I have two clients and I’m working my ass off to stay ahead and not always playing catch up.

And then I took this picture.Untitled

It was two in the morning, Rhys was up again, I had Queer Eye on in the background and still at least an hour worth of work to do. I snuggled him and rocked him and was about to start googling “voodoo witchcraft to make my baby sleep” when he fell asleep in my arms.

I got him down again and basically just prayed he’d stay asleep.

And then I laughed.

Because I knew that Riley would be awake in about four hours.

And last night was just peak Mom Life/Work At Home Mom Life. So many hashtags and acronyms sum up last night. It’ll be one of those nights that I look back on years down the road and remember how much I worked my butt off to be a good mom and a good wife and my kids may not get it, but they’ll benefit from it.

This isn’t easy. Working for yourself and raising tiny humans and being a present wife and eventually sleeping. It’s not easy at all. But I’m trying. And I’ve got a good village and a supportive husband and crazy kids.

And I’m laughing when I can. Because honestly, what else can I do? (Besides drinking gallons of coffee, because that’s definitely going to be on my agenda today, ha).



happy tuesday!

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