RIP Naps.

by katelin on January 17, 2018

Sleepy Riley
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or if you’ve seen me in person in the past week or so you’ve probably been subject to latest parenting milestone: Riley has quit napping*.

It’s like his 2018 resolution was to veto sleep completely. (Let’s be real, I think that’s been his resolution since he was born).

But seriously, starting on the 1st he just decided he didn’t want to sleep any more. And IT IS TERRIBLE.

His naptime is when I get work done. It’s when I sometimes read or watch a show or eat or shower. Instead, I’ve been spending it convincing him to stay in his room and relax or rest or read a book. And it is wearing on me. Seriously, when I went to put him down last Thursday, he just looked at me and just said “Mommy, I’m not going to sleep today. You come get me when I’m ready.” And then I went to the couch and collapsed into a puddle of tears because I was not ready for this yet.

According to my friends who have already experienced this phase of toddlerhood, bedtime has become a cinch. To them I say, SHOW ME YOUR WAYS. Riley has definitely started to get tired earlier and loopier and crankier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bedtime goes any smoother or that he’ll sleep through the night (I think that has happened maybe three times so far).

So basically, I have the child that is still allergic to sleep. Whhhhyyyyyyyy?

I will say, on the bright side, if Baby Bannan #2 is also a non-sleeper, at least I’m ready for it? Sort of? Right? Ugh.

Someone teach my child to sleep.


Pretty please.


*He actually has napped like four days in the past two weeks and they’ve been the best four days ever. But seriously, he is not ready to quit napping and neither am I.


happy wednesday!

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A Perfect Day.

by katelin on January 15, 2018

You know those days when you just can’t wipe a stupid grin off your face? Those days are the best. And Saturday was one of those days for me.

On Friday, Matt left for the weekend to visit a friend in San Fransisco and I was all set for a low key weekend with Riley. And it sort of was. On Friday we had dinner at my parents’ house after we dropped Matt off at the airport and then I put Riley to bed and watched a movie. Riley was up a few times during the night and I was all set for Saturday to be super low key.

And in the morning it was. We woke up, watched a movie (or two), lounged as we had breakfast and just hung out. Later in the morning I got us ready and we headed out to what I thought would be a regular playdate at my friend’s house.

I was wrong.

In the best way.

Instead of a playdate, I was surprised with the cutest little Sprinkle shower ever. Seriously, there were balloons and ‘Welcome Baby’ signs and my family and friends and it was so overwhelming, but in a good way. My sister (and apparently everyone else) had managed to surprise me and even now, I’m still processing it.

I couldn’t wipe the dopey smile off of my face.

And I sort of still can’t. It was really just a room full of love and excitement and definitely made this whole “oh hey, I’m having another baby in eight weeks” thing a lot more real. It also made me realize just how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. It’s weird to talk about this without sounding like bragging, but I’m bragging, my village is a good one.

So the whole afternoon was spent with everyone celebrating Baby Bannan and wrangling Riley and it was perfect.

Afterwards, we came home and I got to spend time with my godmother and Riley got to play with his toys and watch some shows. Eventually I took him up to my parents’ house and they took him for the night.


I was riding on the high from the shower and basically got to watch a movie, eat some dinner in peace, read a book and go to bed incredibly early.

It. Was. Perfection.

The whole day was just what I needed. It was like a reset button on the past couple weeks.

And basically I’m just using this blog as a big ole thank you, because I’m just so grateful.


happy monday!

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