The Little Things.

by katelin on May 25, 2016

If there’s one thing I’ve come to know as a parent, it’s that the little things ARE A BIG EFFING DEAL.

Like “HOLD THE PHONE, Riley threw a ball!? or “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, Riley gave a high five!” or “GUESS WHAT!? He went down the slide by himself!?” Seriously, so little. But, also, so exciting.

And yesterday, there were two little big things. Like OHMYGOSH WHY IS NO ONE HERE TO WITNESS THIS BUT ME little big things.

One. He said “CHEESE.” In actual reference, to cheese. Like I was going to the fridge to get him cheese and he looked me in the eye and said “CHEESE?” I wanted to throw that kid a parade right there. So far his vocabulary has primarily consisted of “THIS” in regards to everything. We occasionally get “dada” and “mamamama”, but really it’s “THIS” all day, every day. So to get “cheese”, was a pretty big deal. Not only is it a new word, but it’s one of my favorites.

Two. For dinner last night (apparently all of our big little things happen around food) I was making spaghetti. So I got Riley naked for dinner (less laundry, naturally) and put his clothes on the couch. He giggled, grabbed his clothes and walked out of the living room. I gave him a second before I called his name and I got no response. So I got up, peered down the hallway and he had walked to his bedroom, clothes in hand, and tossed them into his hamper. Well color me amazed. And also, I’d like to remind him of this when he’s a teenager and clothes end up all over his room. But seriously, the kid put his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper all on his own. IT WAS MAGICAL.


Basically, I’m finding joy in all the little things, even if I’m the only one here to see them. That’s what I’ve got the internet for right? To share them, so I know they really happened. And everyone cares about this stuff? Obviously.

#Parenthood. Am I right?



happy wednesday!

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Motherly Tips.

by katelin on May 20, 2016

In my fifteenish months of being a mom I’ve learned some things. Things that I feel like sharing. Things that I’ve already talked about a bit , I’m sharing again. So here we go:

+ Invest in a night light. It helps the most in the early days, with the constant feeding and cuddling. Who knew?

+ Showers. Are like magic. Every time I take a shower I feel like a whole new person. Whether it’s in the morning or late at night, showers are my favorite.

+ Accept the help. Any of it. If people want to bring you food or hold your child, let them. Help is amazing. Help has saved my sanity. And my life.

Pack extra clothes. Anywhere you go. Bring extra clothes for the kiddo and yourself. It’s so easy to overlook, but man it’s a lifesaver. Also, pack pajamas for the nights you’re out later than normal. Once I figured that one out, outings got so much easier.

Vomit is gross. Poop is gross. Snot is gross. It’s all gross. And that never really changes. So this isn’t really news. It’s fact.

+ Laughing is good for the soul. It’s easy to lose yourself in the daily grind. But being able to laugh about it is good.

+ Boxes are the best toys. Seriously. Boxes. Or spoons. Or keys. Or basically anything you have, is probably better than any toy you buy for your kid.


And that’s all I’ve got for now. Any tips you want to share?




happy weekend all!

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Thoughts on Things.

May 17, 2016

Tweet Mother’s Day: I mean yes, this was over a week ago. But Mother’s Day was so special this year. Riley had a sleepover with he grandparents on Saturday, so I got to sleep in on Sunday. I woke up to coffee and donuts and flowers. And it was heavenly. The day was spent with good […]

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Oh Nine.

May 10, 2016

Tweet You guys. Today this blog turns NINE. How that happened, I have no idea. I know things have slowed down a bit over here and I’m not writing nearly as much as I used to, but I still love this space. And the stories I can share. And the people it has brought into my […]

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Good Things & Ugh Things.

May 4, 2016

TweetYou guys. There are so many things happening here it’s a miracle I’m not just curled up on the floor wishing for a fairy godmother (don’t get me wrong, I would love a fairy godmother, but it’s my daily activity to wish for one). Seriously. It’s like 32 happened and BOOM. THINGS. Good things. Ugh things. ALL […]

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Thirty Two.

April 26, 2016

Tweet Yesterday I turned thirty two. There wasn’t much fan fair and somehow I sort of lost the excitement that I usually have for my birthday. Maybe it’s because I’m not a millionaire and money is sort of issue these days. Or maybe it’s because I miss my friends. Or I’m tired. Or because I […]

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Controlled Chaos.

April 21, 2016

Tweet Chaos. That pretty much sums up our weekend. I mean yes, we’re almost at another weekend and I’m about to talk about last weekend, but I think I’m still recovering from the chaos. But a good chaos. A chaos that was a house with ten adults and eight children under the age of five. […]

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Another Birthday Wishlist.

April 13, 2016

Tweet You guys. My birthday is right around the corner. Just thought I should remind you. And similar to last year, my wishlist is simple: All of the sleep. A Pedicure. A money tree. Winning Lotto ticket. Straight money. I’ll take any of those. Especially since the next few months are chock full of awesome (yet […]

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