Riley: Eight Months.

by katelin on October 7, 2015

Excuse me while I go hide in the corner and pretend that my child isn’t eight months old. Because sweet mercy, how in the world did that happen already?

UntitledIn any case, how about an update?


– Is not a fan of loud noises. In particular the vacuum or the blender. Both of which are the end of the world to him.

– Scoots, shuffles, bounces. He’s so close to crawling it’s scary. But also adorable since right now he’s moving backwards, all the time.

– Gave the swing another shot and the results were much better (although check out those knuckles, still gripping for dear life).Untitled

– Is becoming a bit of a flirt. He’s still a serious baby out in public but he’s finally starting to smile at new people and other people in general.

– Is in a glass case of emotion. Case and point: these pictures were taken THIRTY SECONDS apart.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.07.05 PM– Loves food. And is an eating machine. It’s so fun seeing his reaction to new things still and I am so impressed by his appetite. His latest favorite foods: Chickpeas, plums and cucumber.

– Is finally getting his top two teeth. And is now grinding them. Joy!

– Knows when I make plans. And those are the days he decides to not sleep. If I don’t make plans, sleep is usually in the cards. It’s baby witchcraft I tell you.

– Speaking of sleep, he’s still terrible at it. Like up every two hours terrible. It’s a good thing he’s so dang cute. FullSizeRender-4


– Feel like a broken record, but I AM EXHAUSTED.

– Have been getting more migraines lately. Probably due to lack of sleep but man, they’re the worst.

– Grateful for a husband who occasionally takes over the nighttime wake ups,  who can always make our child laugh, even when he’s fussy and seems to know when I need wine or candy.FullSizeRender-5

– Am dreading sleep training, but I know it needs to happen soon if we’re ever going to sleep decently again.

– Have officially been doing freelance work for a year, sweet mercy.

– Am still breastfeeding. It’s been a bit challenging lately and the onset of more teeth is terrifying, but I’m going to continue as long as I can.

– Have a Starbucks and donut addiction. I blame Riley.

– Am so excited for Halloween! However, our family costume is still being decided. Have any ideas for a family of three? I’d love to hear it!


happy wednesday!

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by katelin on October 2, 2015


Life, the TV show or the movie you ask?

For today’s post, life and the TV show. Together. Ish.

Lately, in the brief amount of time that Riley sleeps during the day I’ve been watching Parenthood while I work. My BFF basically demanded that I watch it and I had heard all sorts of good things. Basically, I knew that since it was from the creator of Friday Night Lights I wouldn’t not like it. Alas, I was right.

I really enjoy this show.

However the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how close to home some of the story lines have hit. There’s been an ongoing storyline about secondary infertility (something I think about more than I should), kids heading off to college, interracial relationships, parents not knowing what to do with their lives and a whole lot more than I haven’t actually experienced but make me think nonetheless.

On top of the storylines this show just has me thinking about my own life and where my own parenthood will go. What kind of kid will Riley be? Will we have another child one day? Will my family always be so close and connected? Am I going to be a cool mom? Will I be a good mom?

Clearly, I have a lot on my mind. All the dang time. And this show isn’t necessarily a dramafest, but it also isn’t the escape that Parks & Rec was. I can’t wait to see where this show goes and how it ends (even though I know a major spoiler already) and I can only imagine where my parenting adventures will go.


happy weekend!

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